Littered with Books @ Duxton Road : Read,Reflect and Respond

20 Duxton Road
Singapore 089486
Reading is a form of nourishment for your soul. I’m not talking about newspaper, magazines or tabloids here. I’m talking about the classics, literature and thought-provoking writings from reflective writers who seek to challenge the world. Trust me. Take a day, spend an hour or two and immerse yourself in all the sweet serenity of books.
It’s a two-storey quaint book store that offers a nice natural lighting environment for reading and browsing of books. The thick rugs,carpets and armed cushion chairs gives the whole place a warm and homely feel. You could just take your time here to pick up a book which your soul calls for.
My favourite shelf of books is on the second floor where there’s a section of books on French culture where books with pretty titles and lovely covers of  Paris, romance and dream. Ahh… this is what I need to unwind myself.
No photography is not allowed in this book store but I just couldn’t resist when I saw how pretty and splendid the setting is. The owner of the Littered with Books is really thoughtful – there little summary cards about some of the recommended books in store! I wish there were such bookstores in my neighbourhood too!
Duxton Hill is a true gem in the heart of Singapore, just right next to Chinatown. This will be my new hang-out for now.

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