Meeting Michelle Phan for the First Time in Singapore!!!

Thanks to CLEO magazine and Lancome, I manage to get hold of an exclusive invite to meet Michelle Phan for an hour to talk about beauty and make-up!
To make her first visit to Singapore more memorable, I made her a card to thank her for coming down!
Even though it’s really early in the morning, Michelle still looked really fresh with stylish in her black-rimmed glasses and bold red lipstick. Prior to this beauty session, we actually saw her right outside Shaw House at a Starbucks outlet. Is she a fan of starbucks coffee?
Lancome beauty counter @ Isetan, Shaw House.
28 July 2012
When I first saw her, I was like ” OMG! It’s Michelle Phan! I finally get to see you in person!”.
I’ve been watching her videos ever since her Lady Gaga’s Poker Face make-up look video made a big hit on YouTube. I saw passion and the X-factor in her and I knew that she would make it big one day!
Michelle is a video make-up artist for Lancome. She highlighted that we should all start taking care of the skin before it starts aging. We all need to slap on some sunscreen before going outdoors! The UV rays can easily damage our skin and cause premature aging to our skin. Michelle recommended that we should at least get a SPF15 sunscreen.
First, she introduced to us Lancome’s skincare series and then moved on to Lancome’s make-up products. As she showcase some of Lancome’s singature products, we also asked her several beauty-related questions like whether it’s important to use a primer or how to pick up the right foundation colour that matches our skintone.
Michelle said:” Have fun with make-up, girls!”
On that particular day, both my friend and I barely had make-up on our faces. I bet Michelle must be wondering why aren’t we daring enough to play with make-up.
Michelle demostrating to us how she would find a suitable foundation colour that matched her skin tone. She told us that we should not try to test it at the back of our hands as the skin colour at the back of our hands is different from the skin colour on our faces!
Make-up is Michelle’s best friend. She is so comfortable with make-up that she is willing to try the foundation on herself anytime and anywhere. No wonder people label her as a beauty guru.
I tested Michelle’s technique of finding the right foundation for my skin and found that my skin suited the lighter cool shades of foundation. The sales person at Lancome’s counter gave me a small sample size tub to try out Lancome’s Teint Miracle Liquid foundation! “As always”, said Michelle,” ask for a sample size of the product and try it on before buying it!”Because you can’t return the product once you’ve started using the product! But according to Michelle, you can return used product at beauty counters in the U.S to exchange for a new item or for a full refund! But I don’t think that applies to Singapore’s refund/exchange policy!
Don’t be afraid to ask make-up samples! Test the product on your skin to see if it suits you, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin.
I was just telling Michelle that I didn’t really dare to put on red lipstick as the colour red is too strong and bold for me but she said that I should totally try putting on lipstick. She said that the red lipstick works better for me especially when I have my braces on as it will make my teeth and smile appear brighter. I had cool skin colour tone and Michelle recommended that I should go for red lipstick that has a cool tone. On the other hand, my friend,who has a warm skin tone colour, has to pick lipstick with a warm under base tone.
Maybe I will play with lipsticks one day.

Next, she talked about the different formulas of mascara which she has also shared in one of her YouTube beauty video tutorials. Lancome has created dry-formula mascaras which is more suited for Asian woman who has thin lashes. The dry-formular mascaras will coat the lashes evenly without clumping. 
Michelle asked,” which is your favourite eyeshadow palette?”
I have choose the fresh and illuminious eyeshadow palette because I love the fresh soft colours!
Lancome’s fragrance: Tresor Midnight Rose.
I’m currently using Tresor in love!

I felt lucky to have met YouTube sensation, Michelle Phan in person right here in Singapore. Thank you CLEO magazine for selecting me as the winner so I could ask Michelle Phan all about beauty!

Featured in CLEO Magazine October 2012 issue!

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