Out for A Lovely Sunday Brunch with Daddy @ Forty Hands

For the past couple of months, due to work,blogging and church activities, I haven’t really had much time to spend with my family,in particular, my parents who are getting older each day. I used to spend every Sunday mornings with my Dad going for long morning walks in nature parks but we have not done that for a very long time.But I’m glad my Sundays are now off and I can some daddy-daughter time together. For that particular Sunday, my Dad drove us to Kent Ridge Park which is linked to Hort Park and my alma mater, NUS. After two and half hours of exercise, we went to 40 Hands for some good coffee and brunch.

Battle of Bukit Panjang
This is the site where one of the fiercest battle fought by the Malay Regiment and Japanese army.

Hort park is gardening hub which is connected to Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. Kent Ridge Park, where I start off my morning walk,is a 47-hectare park which spans between NUS and Singapore Science Park.

Beautiful orchids along the garden connector

It was a quiet Sunday morning and there aren’t many morning joggers in their slacks and running shoes at Kent Ridge Park. This meant that we had one whole stretch of walking path for ourselves to move, run or walk about but Daddy and I wasn’t prepared for running or jogging.Instead, we tried reverse walking. According to Daddy, this method of walking has plenty of health benefits which can help weight loss and maintaining a healthier organ system. I tried and boy, it was so tiring walking backwards! You got to turn your head to look out what’s behind you all the time and it’s rather tiring for the neck. After walking in reverse for 5 minutes, I was already panting and gave up walking backwards in fear that I would fall backwards and hurt myself.

The World’s First Glass-bottom Cabin
Donated by Mount Faber Leisure Group

There are news circulating in the media stating that this abandoned cable car is dumped at Kent Ridge because there aren’t any space. Well, but to me it doesn’t seem like it was dumped there simply because there aren’t any space and even if it is, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to chuck it there. This could very well be one of Singapore’s heritage site where the world’s first glass-bottom cabin can be found. This cabin has it’s value,worth and significance so of course, we should keep it! It is a third generation cable car cabin and it’s national icon of Singapore! Once a property of the Mount Faber Leisure Group, it has now come under in possession by National Parks Board.

There are quite a few big Glass houses across the lawn.
The plants are probably housed there for research purposes.

I love flowers.
There are the most natural and beautiful things on earth.
There were lots of butterflies fluttering around. Beware!
I’m quite afraid of anything that flutters around me, actually.

This themed garden can be really interesting if you are into this species of insects which God gave them beautiful wings. There are approximately 20 different species of butterflies and visitors can not only encounter these flying jewels up and close personal, but to also learn about the different stages of butterfly metamorphosis. Kids, in particular, will get exceptionally excited when they learn how the little caterpillar morphed into a beautiful butterfly.

Beautiful Green Landscape

Restaurants at Hort Park

We walked all the way from Kent Ridge Park to Telok Blangah Hills.

Daddy was blessed with legs of an ostrich and could walk really fast. I’m always trailing far behind him, trying to catch up to his walking pace. I could practically run or jog just to catch up to his speed of walking. Mum and I always has trouble looking for Dad when we lose sight of him.

Forty Hands at Yong Siak Street

Right after two and half hours of exercise, I suggested to my Dad that we should head to this quaint cafe in Tiong Bahru area and he agreed readily which really surprises me. Dad doesn’t has a fettish for western food. He’s a true Asian who loves to oriental food cooked in a traditional way. But well, I guess Dad must have trusted me to serve good food on his platter since I’m considered like a foodie too.

This place was packed in the morning/noon!

While we were there, I noticed that the cafe was practically filled with people of my age. It was as though some cafes situated in the university where everyone dining there was young and vibrant. Dad was the only man with wrinkly skin there til another dude’s Dad came along and had a coffee talk with my Dad while I went to order some food. “Daddy, at least you’re not alone! ” Only cool Dads come to such cafe, isn’t it? *wink*

Table No.22

There isn’t any menu placed right on the table. You will have to walk to the counter and place your order.After placing your order,you will receive one these numbered wooden blocks. Just place them on your table and they will serve the dishes right up to you. I ordered  Egg Benedicts, Salmon hash, freshly-squeezed orange juice and cappuccino. One of the perks of this restaurant is all prices are in nett.

Cappuccino ($5)
The “oh-no!” moment when Dad stirred the cup of coffee even before I could take a picture of it.

The cappuccino must have looked so good that my Dad instantly went to reach out for the spoon and stir the coffee even before I could capture a shot of it! URGH! DADDY!?!?!

 It must be a pain for him to wait for me to capture a nice shot of the food served before he could “dive” into the sea of food with his fork and spoon.  It’s probably not only my Dad felt that way, my circle of friends too! Apologies! That’s the job habit of a blogger – aiming for picture perfect shots. Oh, but anyway, I manage to stop my Dad from taking the first sip of cappuccino.

Freshly-squeezed Orange juice ($5)

When you are at the counter and if the cashier recommended you to get the juice, please kindly decline it because the orange juice I ordered isn’t that fantastic. Five dollars for a glass of juice that tasted quite sourish?

Instead, you should make your money worth but spending it on a cup of coffee because the coffees sold there are exceptionally fantastic. I mean it. The coffees served there are gourmet coffees which are delectable to any palate, even to my Dad who is not a coffee lover. He loves it and he practically drank the whole cup without leaving some for me…. DADDY!!!

Eggs Benedict ($14)
– Poached eggs with mesclun salad

It’s not that I want to complain or anything but the dish is cold. One of the last things which make any Egg Ben’s undelectable is to serve poached eggs which are left cold on standing. Even the ham slices which they used where chilled and not warmed up. I have no qualms about using ham instead of bacon which was traditionally used for Egg Ben’s but the ham tasted like normal ham slices you get at NTUC. It was a tad dissapointment for this dish especially when the supposedly-called hollandaise sauce drizzled over the poached eggs doesn’t taste like one. The yellow runny sauce tasted very much like pure egg yolk.

Salmon Hash ($16)
– Served with fries and some toast 

Dining at fortyhands isn’t that miserable when it’s Salmon hash actually saved the day. I didn’t exactly know what a hash is but I reckon that since my Dad loves fish, Salmon hash comes as a good choice for me and boy, thank goodness I ordered this during my first visit to FortyHands. There’s a flickering light of hope.

According to Wiki, hash is a dish consisting of diced meat, vegetables and potatoes. However, the hash served at fortyhands looked anything like the ones I viewed on the web. The salmon hash prepared at fortyhands looked more like stew or gravy, almost like soup itself where I could dip my toast in it. But anyhow, the salmon hash was yummy! Dipping the toast into the hash itself makes it even more delectable. I have to sing praises of this Salmon hash because even the fries tasted extraordinary good. Unlike the normal cut fries at Mac’s (which some may think that they serve the best fries ever), the fries served here has a unique burnt or roasted taste. Maybe it’s the type of oil or the way it was cooked that make it so uniquely different from the other fries that I had tasted in my entire life.

In conclusion, you are a loyal reader of my blog and has been following up on my food blog posts, then  trust me, fortyhands is a great cafe for gourmet coffees like macchiato and piccolo lattes. Nothing will go wrong if you ordered coffees only, I assure you.

78 Yong Siak Street
Tiong Bahru
Tues-Fri :8am – 7pm
Weekends: 8am – 10pm
Closed on Mondays!

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