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From nothing, my blog become something.

I was just watching Sunsilk Academy Fantasia on Starhub Channel 110 and the Academy’s psychologist, Dr. Ang raised an interesting question to the remaining 13 contestants : What does success and failure means to you? How would you define success and failure?

As the 13 contestants sat down and ponder, my mind started to wander off on my own. What is success to me? I thought. To others, success is often about reaching expectations and attaining goals in life. The measure of success is related to the number of accomplishments you’ve made in life. But to me, success is about conquering new challenges in life. It is about doing things which you’ve never done before in life. I felt accomplished when I first started out my own YouTube channel and blog. Back then, I never knew I would be writing and publishing my work online. My writing isn’t exceptional and I never dared to dream that I could write and people would read. It’s something I’m not good at but I’m starting to fall in love with writing and sharing my thoughts and opinions with others. It’s a challenge for me to fully express myself through words. It really is a challenge.

I love engaging myself in doing new things all the time. To me, that’s a measure of success. Success is about maintaing a steep learning curve for yourself so that over time, you will find yourself improving bit by bit and finding more meaning in life.

On the other hand, failure, to me is the start or the beginning of something new. To think of it in a more positive light, failure beckons a brighter future. If you think that failure leads you to a dead-end of the tunnel, I would advise you to look beyond that because you could always hammer down the wall, shift the boulders and build new paths for yourself in life.

Yesterday, I was nothing. But today, I become something. I owe the success of my blogging journey to the people who inspired me to be myself every single day. Thank you, my beautiful readers who make time to read “Glitz”, a lifestyle blog about adding glitter and sparks to “glitz” up your life.

Reaching out for the stars – that’s my life philosophy.

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