SANA review: Namerakahonpo W Moisture Face Lotion B

Direction: After washing face, pour generous amount on cotton. Apply to skin with patting motion and blend well. Pad till skin feels cool to ensure well toned & hydrated skin.

Namerakahonpo W Moisture Face Lotion B
(For all skin types)
SANA Singapore has recently launched various sampling events for anyone who likes to sample their products. They offer a range of Japanese skin care products for the samplers to choose and they are pretty generous – they offer you the product in full-sized bottles! I dislike those small sachets of samples which could only allow you to use them for a couple of times before it runs out. You can’t really evaluate the product’s effective based on that.

I had just run out of my facial toner recently and this face lotion from Namerakahonpo(Japan’s No. 1 Brand for Soya Skin Care Series!) came as timely for me as I was also looking into other brands of facial toner.

This product is great for skin that need lots of hydration. Renewed with Hokkaido Soy Bean “Yukipirika”, which contains higher amounts of Isoflavone ingredients than common soy beans. Hokkaido soya beans were specially selected as its more suitable for the whitening range! It aids in the brightening of skin with “Nano penetrating formula”. This is an extra moisture lotion that blends well into skin and helps skin feel hydrated, supple and bright.  The double-effect of Soy milk isoflavone (moisturizing ingredient) and high purified Arbutin (brightening effect ingredient) helps you to achieve a fair and supple skin.

I like that the face lotion gets absorbed easily into the skin when I gently pat it onto my skin and my skin instantly felt moisturize. Such light-weight moisturizing facial lotions is especially great for oil skin type as it is not too heavy,creamy or oily on the skin. Cream-based moisturisers tend to clog pores easily if you have active sebaceous glands and enlarged pores.

However it doesn’t make my skin instantly fairer or whiter. I might need to use the product for about a few weeks to a month or so to see the results. A plus point about this product is that it is almost natural and gentle on the skin as it is fragrance-free and contains no artificial colorant or mineral oil.That means it is suitable for sensitive skin and it will not clog pores.

Oh, did I mention that I love soyabeans? I drink soya almost every other day!

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