Singapore Blog Awards 2012: Hotel Tour – Orchard Parade,Quincy and Elizabeth Hotel

Good day, lovely people! On the Singapore Blog Awards day itself, the group of overseas and local bloggers, including myself, were invited to go for a hotel tour, exploring 4 uniquely different hotels under Far East Hospitality. In this blog post, I will be covering the first 3 hotels – Orchard Parade, Quincy and Elizabeth hotel. The fourth and the last hotel, Oasia, will be covered in the next blog post! So stay tune for that!
We started out for the bloggers-exclusive tour at about 8.30 am on a bright Saturday morning. I was feeling a little exhausted from last night’s event and sleepy from the early morning preparations for the rest of the day. So it came to me as a lovely surprise when the staff at Orchard Parade Hotel served us hot beverages with cookies to perk us up! I did felt that instant perk and awakeness after taking some caffeine and sugar.But it’s their smiles and good service that perks me up the most. 
We toured various types of rooms and the facilities which most established hotels would offer such as executive lounges for the business expats, meeting rooms and swimming pool. Here’s a great view of the swimming pool from the top!
If I were to stay in this hotel and has free access to use all facilities, I would spend most of my time here in the executive lounge. This would be my favourite chill-out place in the hotel where I can have browse through fashion magazines, read a book or draft my blog entries as I have a nice cup of espresso at hand. At the lounge, there are also some finger food to feed the hungry stomach. Isn’t it a cool place to just laze around for hours?
And if I’m still livin’ the dream of dwelling in this hotel, I might stretch out my legs comfortably on the couch to watch TV. (Shh…don’t tell anyone that! Because it’s pretty unglam!)
You’ll be spoilt for choice. Look at the wide selection of fine teas to choose from!
For the business delegates, I’m pretty sure that the meeting room would be their next home, right after their hotel bedrooms. If they don’t intend to stay-in, they could just rent this luxurious space for business meetings. The black chandelier and dark purple cushioned chairs spell fine elegance and sophistication.
After about an hour of discovering the hotel in Tanglin area, we were droved to Quincy hotel which is just right next to the Elizabeth hotel. Unlike the other aforementioned hotels, Quincy is a modern boutique hotels that caters to the young, hip and trendy travellers. It’s modern, chic and trendy.
Located in the charming enclave of the prime orchard district, this boutique hotel, Quincy is going to wow your sense. I’m taken aback by their hospitality and services which will please any guests living the Quincy dream.
This indoor glass pool is one place you have to frequent if you’re staying in this boutique hotel. Enjoy the breath-taking views of Singapore’s city landscape as you soaked yourself in the pool. What’s more? The hotel organises movie nights where they set up a mini cinema right at the pool side for you to enjoy the film. What’s even more interesting is that swimming floats are thrown into the pool for hotel guests to sit on the floats while enjoying the movie. Oh, did I forget to mention about free popcorn too?
On certain days, Quincy Hotel also organises special and useful classes such as baking or cooking classes exclusively for their hotel guest. That’s the Quincy experience where you could only experience it right here and no where else!
Check out their sleek and chic hotel rooms!
The 108-room Quincy Hotel provides urbane business and leisure travellers the utmost privacy and exclusivity. Departing from the room with its distinctive facade, the hotel’s bold colour paleete of anodized steel and shimmering modular windows sets it apart from its neighbours and impresses anyone from the moment they arrive.
Here’s what you can find in hotel room’s mini bar! 
The chips and granolas are complimentary by the way!
I was talking to this other blogger who has a quirky style and she beeps in delight and exclaimed,” Quincy is so ME!”. I had a good laugh right after she said that. I mean, who wouldn’t say that? I’m loving this boutique hotel already!
Don’t ever blame me for being biase but I can’t stop snapping beautiful photos of Quincy! Here are more photoshots of Quincy!
I would say that this is a great place for photoshoots!
Here’s a picture spot!
The hotel manager of Quincy Hotel , Peggy, who brought us around the hotel, was a nice and amicable lady who offered  each of us a soft-served ice-cream and a set of Molton Brown’s bath amenities for us to bring home!The bloggers, including myself, were screaming in delight like little kids when she generously offered us an ice-cream each! Who doesn’t love ice-cream,right? By the way, hotel guests gets to enjoy a endless free-flow of ice-cream 24 hours daily!
Yummy low-fat soft-serve ice-cream. I love that it’s not too creamy or heavy in taste. I’m pretty sure that there’s some yogurt in it. It’s very thoughtful of them serve a healthier-version of soft serve ice-cream for the health-conscious travellers! They even cared about our health too!
There’s Peggy with the cups of ice-cream!
Breakfast is served right here!
We’ve come to the third hotel of this long and almost endless hotel tour in town! The Elizabeth hotel has a western- european touch to it. It’s a world of modern chandeliers, black marble counters accentuated by warm-back lights and inviting smiles. Throughout its interiors,fittings and service, The Elizabeth Hotel exudes an understated beauty that can be best described as timeless elegance.
The regent suite is very much like the executive lounge available in the other hotels under Far East Hospitality. Check out the pretty wallpaper!
If you staying at the Elizabeth Hotel, you will entitled to a complimentary cable car ticket (two-way) to Sentosa which includes entrance fees to the island itself! The hotel manager has also kindly entended the hotel’s generosity to us by giving each of the bloggers a complimentary cable car ticket!
 For more hotel adventures, please stay tuned for the next blog post on Oasia Hotel. In the meantime, let me share this good news with you. The best is saved for the last!
There’s a promotion for the hotels I’ve covered!
Click here for more details!
1 Tanglin Road 
Singapore 247905
Tel: +65 6737 1133
Fax: +65 6733 0242
22 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228517
Tel: (65) 6738 5888
Fax: (65) 6510 1938
24 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228518
Tel : +65 6738 1188
Fax : +65 6732 3866

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