Singapore Blog Awards 2012:Welcome Dinner for the Overseas Bloggers! @ Landmark Village Hotel

This year’s Singapore Blog Awards was a little different from the previous years. This year, has generously invited 15 overseas bloggers to come celebrate this once-in-a-year event for local bloggers! I’m honoured to be selected as one of the host to welcome these 15 overseas bloggers from Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. On their first night of their stay here in Singapore, organised a welcome dinner at Larkmark Village Hotel for both local and overseas bloggers where we mingled over good local food with drinks and durians!
Shades, an outdoor pool-side restaurant,located at the fifth level of Landmark Village Hotel.
All the bloggers, event organisers and hosts gathered at the pool-side for a welcome speech by the hotel magement.
What’s on our menu? It’s none other than coconuts and durians! 
Durian frenzy!
That’s right! It’s the D24 durian. Yellow fleshy fruit with a pleasant yet pungent scent. What a true delicacy! I’m in love with Durians!
While waiting for other overseas bloggers to arrive, we sipped fruit punch and soft drinks and chat about our blogging journeys.
After the welcome speech, we head on for a hotel room tour before sitting down to enjoy our scrumptious dinner. There are 393 rooms at Larkmark Village Hotel, which is located at the heart of a heritage site,along Arab Street.
Hotel Room View: Spectacular view of Arab Street 
We also visited the 24-hr executive lounge on the club floor for business executives to enjoy a good breakfast or tea where there’s a free-flow to cheese, crackers, coffee, tea and wines!
Not only they get to dine at the executive lounge, they can grab a bite at the snack bar if they are feeling hungry.
I guess you can party all-night here with Whiskey,Vodka and wines.
A good selection of crunchy finger food like sausages,cheese and crackers.
Next, we event get to tour the executive club suite which includes a dining area, living room and mini kitchen! It’s almost like an appartment.
Dining Room
Living Room 
By the time the hotel room tour ended, the sky turned dark even before we basked under the natural lighting to take picture perfect shots with each other. Capturing shots when the sky darkens can be quite tricky.
There were also mini event booths stationed along the poolside where the bloggers can get an artist to do a caricature of themselves or get their henna painting done on their hands!
It’s dinner time! 
Chinese-styled dishes with white rice

Interestingly, while I was dining with other bloggers, a waiter from the restaurant walked over and said,” You face is very famous,” and I was like, ” Huh?”. Then he asked,” Have you been to Marriot Hotel before?” And then, it suddenly strikes me that this waiter could have watched me perform at Marriot during a wedding dinner event. No wonder he has been scrutinizing me from the moment I stepped into the restaurant.So I went, ” Oh yeah! I think I remembered you!You changed job? ” Impressive! This waiter actually had a good memory. Dear waiter, if you are reading this, do leave a comment to say hi!

It was a great and fruitful experience meeting both the local and overseas bloggers. We had so much to talk about the blogosphere and our passion in phototaking and writing. It’s akin to a social hobby club setting where like-minded people gathered together to share about what they love.

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390 Victoria Street
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Tel : +65 6297 2828
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