Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s Concert Week 2 : Kenneth’s Out! Who will be the next to get eliminated?

This week we witnessed 7 male contestants battling out on stage with each other. On stage, they seemed lively, bubbly,contented and harmonious but don’t be fooled to think that they are just a lovely bunch of people who could get along well with one another. In the second week at the Academy, things have started to get a little ugly where there’s simmering tensions between the male contestants.
Those accumulating angerness and bitterness was brought to the stage when their first performance on stage ends with a pose where Kenneth was staring angrily at Phil’s penetrating fierceful-looking eyes.( I didn’t manage to capture a shot of it because the venue was pretty packed with people as compared to the previous week!) I was caught off-guard by the tension on stage and I became a little worried about their performance later. Will their feelings affect their performance on stage later?
Over the week, Kenneth and Phil got into a confrontation and both of them dislike each other. I do not know what got them into this brawl but I believe they had clashing personalities. Kenneth, the big brother of the Academy, is well-liked by other contestants as he is very brotherly and hilarious at the same time, bring lots of laughter and fun in the academy. He has that dominant and leadership traits in him where he likes to see things in his control, making sure that nothing goes wrong. Phil, on the other hand, was very sensitive and believed that Kenneth didn’t like him right from the start. Personally, Phil is a very different sort of caucasian or Briton that I know of. In fact, his closed-up personality is very “asian” indeed. He talks about his loneliness when being left out in conversations and his fears in trying to break a joyous mandarin-dominated conversation with his Britsh English. So, when he says that is he an asian trapped in a westerner’s body, I totally agree with that! Because I don’t see that confident or straightforthness traits of a Briton in him!
When the Principal announced that Kenneth was eliminated, Phil felt pretty relieved and infact, elated that he was not booted out in the first round. Contestant, Vee who was said about the absence of Kenneth felt that Phil was being rather insensitive when he could still joke and tease right after Kenneth left the Academy. It seems like a couple of contestants were already starting to alienate themselves from Phil. And without Kenneth, I think there will be less laughter and noise in the house.
Jun Yang, a popular Chinese Malaysian Penang-borned artiste in Malaysia, looked comfortable on stage. Out of 7 male contestants, I believe he has more experience in stage performance as he is considered to be quite well-known in his hometown. But his performance is not exactly stellar as he faced some problems with his voice projections. At the academy, he tries to stay out of the fights and gossips. As much as possible, he will hangs with people whom he is comfortable with in the academy. Nothing more and nothing less.
Zhang Zhi is a strong contender in this singing-reality contest. He’s got the voice, the look and cool persona that would attract young female fans to scream for him. He’s got the whole package and I think he will go far in this competition. But Saturday’s performance didn’t went too well for him as it wasn’t engaging enough. This rare gem will shine further if someone polishes it well.
In his heart, I think Kenneth earnestly felt ready to leave the competition. He puts up his best performance and goes all the way to engage his audiences but sadly, his stage presence doesn’t seem to please the judges. Unfortunately, he was eliminated this week.Nevertheless, I wish him well because afterall, he is very talented in singing too! He will be missed in the house!

Phil sang a lively RnB number titled “小小虫” by Khalil Fong which sounded rather chirpy and light-hearted but Phil’s pronounciation of the words were clear and the judges were pretty impressed by his improvement in speaking mandarin. Though we went slightly off-pitched in some parts of the song, the whole performance wasn’t too bad. The judges seem quite satisfied with his performance. Besides the  tiff between him and Kenneth, Phil has also got himself tied up with some romance. He openly disclose that he has feelings for female contestant ZhiLin despite knowing that ZhiLin was already attached. I bet all the gossips and news is on Phil right now.
Lin Jun Jie’s 不潮不用花钱
Irwin is emerging as one of the hot contender for this competition too. This boy enjoys being on stage and you can’t help but to applaud for his effort and dedication in music. His father is his source of strength and motivation for him to pursue his passion in music. A filial son like him has won the likes of many people who has watched him grow as a singer. He can sing, dance and play instruments like the keyboard and guitar. This talented musician is sure to stay long in this competition. All eyes are on him right now!
Lin Jun Jie’s 背对背拥抱
Guang Li’s another talented musician from China who can sing and act well. If he doesn’t make it as a singer, he can head into other areas in the entertainment industry because he’s pretty much good in everything. One thing he lacked of is the X-factor that would charm people to pay attention to him. If he wants to succeed, he needs to work a little harder than others.
Karen Mok’s 如果没有你

ET’s performance is arguably the best for that Saturday’s live performance. Though none of their performances really stood out but ET put his heart and soul in his singing. He also receives the loudest cheers and applause during his performances. He certainly exudes a charming and humble persona when singing. He is here to stay in this competition! Like Jun Yang, he tries to stay out of trouble and because of his high EQ, he is also well-liked by the other contestants.
Smile for the camera!
This week the contestants get to meet their new dance teacher, Ericia who is in modern and jazz dance. She set pretty high expectations for the contestants and she can be really strict with them!But I have to admit that she’s a really good dancer who is very passionate in what she’s doing!
I love the girl’s neon out-fit!
Guest star appearances: Selina Li and Moses Chan (far right) from TVB Hong Kong.
S.H.E ‘s superstar

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