Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s First Meet and Greet !

We’ve come to the beginning of week 4 at Sunsilk Academy Fantasia! Last Saturday,the contestants competed at Dragonfly, St.James Power Station for the third time. This round, Natalie and Phil, who were in the bottom 2, got eliminated from this singing reality competition. This is reality. Every week, someone has to leave the academy. Now, we are left with 10 finalists who were there on Sunday at Central Mall to meet and greet their supporters face-to-face.
Guang Li
It seems that Guang Li has lost quite a bit of weight over the weeks! We will see a healthier and fitter Guang Li in the following concerts!
ET showed great showmanship during his live performance on Saturday when he sang David Tao’s 找自己. There was alot of energy and passion in his singing. He looks as if he was high on ecstacy when he’s singing and interacting with the audience below stage. Supporters of ET, please continue to vote for him!
During the meet-and-greet, ET got really emotional when he saw his family and supporters. It’s really hard for them to be away from home for almost 3 weeks without any form of communication! 

Zhang Chi
Don’t you think that Zhang Chi really ressembles Jay Chou? Seriously, just look at his features and eyes! Taiwanese judge 袁惟仁 (小胖老师) from One Million Star singing competition, who was a guest judge in week 3’s concert, commented that he likes Zhang Chi’s straightforwardness and coolness. Furthermore, he’s got the X-factor and he stands out from the crowd.

At the meet-and-greet session, the contestants sang the theme song for the competition and there were also a mini quizz for the supporters who were there to win some goodie bags home. Later, one of the TV crew handed them their Nikon-sponsored cameras to the contestants to snap photos of their families and friends who were there to support them.

Vee is seen as a optimistic, stable and cheerful girl at the academy. She is also another contestant who stands out from the crowd with her rocker and chic look. But so far, we’ve yet to see her one of best performances during the competition. When will she display her powerful vocals?
Chloe received several lovely gifts from her supporters! She’s pretty consistent in her performance throughout the whole competition. With a voice like an angel, I couldn’t wait to see her performing the theme song for our popular local drama series, The Little Nyonya this coming Saturday! Her voice sounds a little like Fish Leong!
As you can see, Jessie’s rather popular among her supporters! Both of her hands were almost filled with  gifts, balloons and soft toys!
Why is Irwin kneeling down?
Because he’s trying to take a picture with his Dad who is standing behind the barricade! I’m sure he misses and loves his Dad alot!
What a heartwarming sight!
Congratulations to the 10 finalists who have made it through the first 3 rounds of the competition!
Your every vote counts! Do continue to support them!
She’s Ophelia from Taiwan! She used to participate One Million Star singing competition too!
I would love to hear her sing one day!

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