The Plain @ Craig Road : Melbourne-style Cafe

One of the simplest pleasures in life is toss your troubles aside, let your hair loose and unwind yourself in a cafe that serves all day breakfast.
50 Craig Road
Singapore 089688
It’s simple. You don’t have to think so much when you’re here – just order a cuppa and a sandwich with poached eggs. The food, just as the cafe was named, was simply plain.Nothing too over the top or way below expectations. These days, you may realise, that people love going for brunches in such cafes. They are not there for the food but there are there for the cozy setting the ambience. Company and friends are more important than that poached eggs sitting on your buttered toast. 
That’s why I am not going to lie to you. Such cafes do attract people all the time, in particular, the young ones. 
This is my first visit to this cafe and I was pleasantly surprise by how warm and friendly these people are at The Plain cafe. It’s good to be acknowledge by people that you’re here without having to seek acknowledgement through Facebook check-ins.
The interior and concept of this cafe is pretty much similar to Food for Thought or any other modern cafes in Singapore. Elegant and spacious dining area with cold grey walls and yellow lightings that provides a warm and soft glow in the cafe. Wooden breakfast table with some condiments like a pretty bottle of brown sugar. It’s a pleasant environment to spend a few hours here sipping coffee and having a chit-chat session from friends. A very similar concept to the uncles hanging out at coffee shops to drink Kopi-O but right here, it’s a European or Australian-style of chillin’ with friends.
Can’t find any coffee buddies? That’s okay too because you could always grab a book and have some alone time with yourself. There’s also a stack of fashion magazines to read and browse as you enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.
Poached eggs with ham,cheese and roma tomatoes on sourdough toast

Oh Darling! 
Why are my eggs not poached?
The eggs were a little too overcooked when served and we alerted the waitress who served us. They immediately apologised and glady agreed to replace our cooked eggs with real poached eggs that oozes out runny egg yolks. Excellent and prompt customer service. Wait – maybe my DSLR and the way I capture photos in the cafe caught their attention? 
Don’t forget to bring your camera the next time!
Poached eggs on melted cheese and vegemite on sourdough toast.

Dean’s Breakfast
Food for the intellectuals.

Vegemite is a Australian brown food paste made from yeast’s extract and it usually use as a bread spread. It is high in Vitamin B.
Both of our eggs were too cooked! They served each of us another poached eggs. In the end, each of us ate 2 eggs that very day!
I like it when the warm yolk oozes from the egg whites and flowed all over the toast. Yummy!
Generra – Mocha with orange rind. 
This tasted like milk citrus chocolate with organge rind. Fragrant, appetizing but a little too sweet for my liking.
Coffee – Made how you like it.
Cappuccino, Latte or Flat white?
I was rather dissapointed with the latte because the coffee beans were not roasted well enough. There’s no caffeine kick in the coffee. I do hope the serve better coffees when I’m there the next time round!
My tastebuds and sense of taste is getting sharper and sharper. 
It’s hard to satisfy my tastebuds these days.


If simplicity is your favourite word of chant, give The Plain a shot.

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