Traditional Chinese Breakfast : Ivan’s Porridge

Ivan’s Porridge
Havelock Cooked Food Centre
Blk 22A/B
(Beo Crescent)
This one of my Dad’s favourite post-exercise breakfast food – porridge. He used to bring our family to Alexandra Road or Havelock Road for some good O’ traditional chinese congee. Last Sunday he brought us there again after a short morning walk at Labrador Park. He’s very particular about chinese food, feeding my siblings and I the best of everything. So his recommendation for good chinese food hardly goes wrong. 
We ordered two bowls of porridge – plain and pork. Each bowl of porridge only costs $2.50. It’s difficult to find such places which sell good porridge at such reasonable prices. The congee is traditionally cooked to achieve a smooth and creamy texture.
Yu Sheng (Raw fish salad)
Because my Dad loves fish, we ever fail to have fish served on our family table. You must order their Yu Sheng if you were to have porridge here. The fresh raw fish is thinly-sliced and well-marinated with sesame oil and soya sauce. You can eat the raw fish alone or dipped it into the piping hot bowl of porridge and leave it there til its’ cooked.

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