Carpenter and Cook : Where’s my Sweet-tooth fairy?

The Carpenter was here. The cook was here too. But where’s my sweet-tooth fairy? 
Why are all the cakes and tarts gone?
I was here on a weekday early afternoon and I was quite dissapointed to know that the cake display looked rather empty. So, the cakes and tarts were all sold out even before the clock strikes at 2’o clock. I did not know how long I was going to pout and sulk or to display a pair of sad-looking puppy eyes before the cook comes with another tray of sweet delights. Well, I was told that I could try the savoury ones first which was laid beautifully on porcelain plates. I guess I could hold back my tears for now and  give their savoury treats a try with passionate food blogger, Charleen,who loves to bake as well.
It’s rather comforting to know that there’s a tier of fruits scones available to satisfy my sweet cravings for the day. 
The Brioche looks smashing indeed. I’m gonna taste it in a while to see if it taste exceptionally smashing too! 
I would love to try that with toasted bread,crackers or maybe waffles?
Ahh…coffee. If only I had a nice lemon meringue tart to go with this cup of good coffee. I almost forgot to mention that the homemade chocolate cookie is super delicious!
Dragon Pearl Jasmine
What unique tea!
Fruit Scone
Dear Cook, I wish I had a scone that is soft,warm and fluffy. A scone with a crust that is not hard and burnt. Can I have another one, please?
Vegetarian Quiche
This is quiche is really appetizing.
Savoury Brioche
Brioche is a highly enriched bread that is suppose to taste soft and fluffy. So I just wish it tasted fluffier with more fillings to make me go “Mmmm…!” with every bite.
She makes wonderful cake pops that melts on your tongue but not in your hand. I love the one coated with dark chocolate. 
Check out her food blog for her awesome baking recipes and food reviews.
Dear Sweet-tooth fairy,

I wish you would come back again to make me more cakes and tarts. I’ve yet to taste your specialties that would make my heart melt and send me on cloud number nine. 


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Singapore 598120
Tel: 64633648

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