ELLE Career Workshop with Guerlain – Pour La Petite Femme Qui Travaille

I love attending workshops organised by ELLE magazine as they are really informative, fun and useful!  I thought I knew a thing or two about fashion, beauty and make-up through watching make-up videos on YouTube and reading magazines but I guess I still have alot to learn when it comes to professional make-up. This 2-hour workshop was like a lecture on beauty by itself and I became knowledgeable in the art of cosmetics after listening to talks by Guerlain’s make-up artist and a fashion advisor.

Before the workshop begins, I was introduced to one of Guerlain’s highly featured product called Météorites Pearls  by one of the staff from Guerlain. Do you know that Guerlain was the first to create these enchanting pearls of light? These colourful pearl balls was introduced since 1987! A year even before I was born!

Constellation of coloured pearls

Météorites Pearls works as an illuminating powder to give your skin a beautiful radiant and translucent complex that glows from within. Why the pearl balls comes in different colours? Each colour has its own function of either correcting, unifying or enhancing your skin tone.For instance, the green pearl balls can help to reduce redness and the pink pearl balls helps to add a healthy glow to a dull complexion. Colours do brighten up your life somehow!

Lingerie De Peau

This water-based liquid foundation is light in weight and texture. It glides across the skin nicely and it’s so light -weight that you feel and look as if you have not put on any foundation on your face! I would recommend this foundation for those women with sensitive or oily skin because such water-based make -up do not usually clog pores and it also gives a nice boost of moisture to your skin. However, since it’s really light in texture, it does not provide much coverage. You definitely need to turn to concealer to even out any blemishes!

That night, I truly learnt alot from Guerlain’s make-up artist and I must say that she does exceptionally well in explaining the effects and techniques of make-up in layman terms which can be easily understood by everyone.

She also stresses that all women should own a bright red lipstick! She commented that she saw many European women on the train wearing a red lipstick during her recent trip to Europe! Is that the case for Singapore women too? Yes! I do notice quite a number of Singapore women smuckering their lips with a bold red colour.

Some make-up tricks from Guerlain’s make-up artist!
1) Apply the foundation with a downward stroke moment. If you stroke upwards, you will be lifting up tiny facial hair and this will results in a rough complexion!

2) When putting on concealer, remember to dab, dab, dab to build on coverage.

3) To add volume to lashes, create a zig-zag movement with your mascara wand as you coat your lashes.  If you simply just want to lengthen your lashes, brush your lashes upwards from the roots with your mascara wand.

Guerlain’s latest fragrance: La Petite Robe Noire, The little black dress
For the second-half of the workshop, we had a fashion stylist to teach us how to work with colours and the different dress styles for work.

These two lovely Russian models were asked to strut the runway to showcase the different working outfits. We can’t dress like these models do though which makes it hard for me to imagine any average Singaporean female wearing that fitting working dress.

It was a lovely evening well-spent with the experts from Guerlain and not to mention, the lovely cakes and fingerfood from FullHouse cafe!
Thank you ELLE magazine !

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