Grin Affair: The Little Things that Made You Grin

I was grinning when I finally found this little shop housed under a HDB flat at Everton Park. It’s really small and you might simply just missed it if not for the much-rave-about food reviews on what Grin Affair could offer.
Home-made desserts stored in pretty glass jars.
Prices between $4.50 to $5.50 per jar.
I pre-ordered 2 jars of dessert in fear that all the jars will be gone by the time I reach its doors at 1pm on National Day. But maybe everyone’s still asleep in the slacks, trying to catch some sleep before heading to town for the celebrations and partying all night long. That’s why the streets at Everton Park are empty and the desserts were not all sold out yet.
I’m taken by surprise with their crunchy walnuts as toppings. What a nutty treat with rich milk mousse and soft vanilla sponge cake! Though the lovely-looking dessert is quite good, I felt that I had enough after a few spoonfuls. I wasn’t craving for more after that. You get my point.

I didn’t manage to try this as we were all too full after having our brunch at Strangers’ Reunion. So, instead, my friend brought back this jar of dessert home.

This make a great gift for friends and colleagues. If you’re working near Outram or Tanjong pagar area, you know where to purchase lovely sweet treats for your bosses and colleagues!

3 Everton Park
Tel: 82827375

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