Here comes August! : Affordable Breakfast Toast Sets and other good food at NTU Canteens!

The first week of August marks a new school term for me where I had to complete 9 modules in a semester. This would probably be my last lap of running the race as a student. To make sure that I place 100% focus on my studies, I decided to isolate myself away from the city crowd for 4 months to rec-charge, re-energize and concentrate on pursuing what I’ve always wanted to do in life.
It’s great to have a roomie who goes through similar circumstance as you do. Living away from home really reminded of the times I spend my summer exchange in Toronto.
Though we’re only living here temporary for a few months, my roomie and I both believe that we should make our living environment a conducive place to study, chill and sleep. It has got to be cosy if not, I would be dying to go home everyday!
From a plain-looking empty room to this…
Guess which bed belongs to me? 
Freshening up the room and wardrobe with floral scents.
Since there isn’t a proper pantry in the dorm, we had to settle our meals in various canteen scattered all over the school campus. Though it saddens me that I can’t whipped up my own meals in the dorm, I was delighted to know that some of the canteen offered really good and affordable meals for students.
For breakfast, I would usually head down to the nearest canteen to buy their breakfast set which consist of 2 soft-boiled eggs, 2 butter-kaya toast and a cup of coffee or tea for less than $2! It’s lovely to be up early for a morning jog and a hearty breakfast before heading for lectures and tutorials.
Breakfast Set: $1.60
Their coffe is pretty good! This is by far one of the better breakfast set served in the campus.
I wouldn’t come back for more toast or coffee here.
For their toast, they use thinly-slice brown coffee bread which has a nice even cripsy texture when toasted in the oven.
I wish they have slapped on more butter and kaya on the toast though! But I also probably wouldn’t be back for it’s coffee which tasted rather too sweet!
  Kaya Toast Breakfast Set ($1.80)
This is my favourite breakfast toast set which include 2 soft-boiled eggs, a good cup of strong and thick coffee and 2 slices of kaya toast with 2 thin slabs butter! They uses real butter when stallholders from other canteens use margarine. My verdict: Canteen 1 serves the best breakfast toast set!
This is the best toast set I’ve ever tasted so far at NTU! Nice half-boiled eggs with milk tea and kaya toast that has a generously amount of butter and kaya in it for $1.50 only.

I was surprise that this vegetarian stall at Canteen A sells brown rice along with different dishes and sides. I wouldn’t mind turning into a vegetarian if I can get to enjoy a nutritious meal here.

Vegetarian Lemon Chicken and Kang-kong with Brown rice 

$3.90 only for a 7inch-square pizza
Bun Thit Nuong from Vietnamese food store at Canteen 12!
A little pricey but I still prefer the one at Pho Hoa!
You will be spoil for choices here at NTU canteens!

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