Kezesta: Spruce up your wardrobe with Tribal Prints Outfits!

Kezesta: Spruce up your wardrobe with Tribal Prints Outfits!
Tribal prints and tribal-inspired dresses and tops are here to stay for this summer.Though summer is coming to an end and autumn’s coming, there are still many occasions where you could still stand out from the crowd with your fun and vibrant tribal print outfits!
 I’m into tribal prints lately because it not only add a unique and chic touch to your overall outfit, but it also gives it that young, fun, approachable and energetic vibe. The zigzag patterns and contrasting eye-catching colours of the prints, which is pretty much like an artwork itself, draws much of attention to the eyes. And that makes it a fashion statement piece!
 Besides heading down to the local fashion stores for such clothing, you could also shop online at Kezesta for their latest collection of tribal print clothes at affordable prices on their website! It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with all these cool and chic clothing from Kezesta!

Autumn’s coming! Too bad that we can’t experience the cool autumn temperatures in Singapore! But by September, the weather here will be slightly cooler and it’s a suitable time to out on some long-sleeve tops to keep yourself warm.
Fashion Tip: Pair  this tribal print bodycon skirt with a plain coloured top like the Keely Self-tie knot to bring out the beautiful tribal patterns on the skirt. After all, the skirt itself is a statement piece and it should be the focus or the “talking-point” of your outfit. If you’re heading to the club or pub for some drinks, steal the limelight by wearing accessories like the gold necklace the model is wearing. The combination of the Egyptian-inspired prints, tinge of gold and black-strappy heels will give you that simplified modern-day Cleopatra look.
The little knot at the back adds that sweet and feminine touch to the overall outfit. Yes, looking good at the back is important too. You will never know if anyone is checking you from the back! That’s why some fashion stylist recommended using the 3-way mirrors when trying on clothes to make sure you are looking good with the new outfit from every angle!
Flaunt this Imani denim shorts at beach or during your short island getaway! The model is wearing the keely self-tie knot which is also available in green that goes well with the black shorts that has fun ethnic prints on it.
Besides the tribal-inspire outfits by Kezesta, I am also really into this rock and edgy top from their latest collection. Pair this edgy top with a bright yellow summer shorts and leather wrist for that strong,tough yet sassy look.
Have fun with tribal prints this season!

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