Marcellie Runway 2012: Emerge!

As a Shine videographer, I have to cover a few events which are part of the SHINE Youth Festival 2012. And last friday, I had this amazing opportunity to attend Marcellie Runway which was a charity project spearheaded with youths who were all below the age of 26! There’s not to much about the glam factor behind the runway but it is more about the hearts of these youths who yearned to make a difference in our society.

Held in conjunction with SHINE Youth festival, Marcellie Runway 2012-Emerge! provides a platform for aspiring youth fashion designers to showcase their work.Local fashion labels such as Mashup and Quainthood have the opportunity to get models to strut on the runway with their own-labelled fashionable clothes.

On that night itself, there are several fashionistas support this meaningful charity cause initiated by aspiring youths. About $7000 of funds was raised for Pathlight school, Singapore’s first autism-focused school. In addition, almost 300kg of unwanted clothings were collected for a student-run charity initiative called Blessings in a Bag.

Here’s some of the runway shots! The models also volunteered their time to be part of this charity project. It’s heartening to know that our youths are coming together to do something meaningful for our society!

Programme Highlights
Project Pathlight
This project features plain white dresses sponsored by and decorated by Pathlight School students using arts and crafts materials.
Design for a cause
A showcase created to exhibit works of aspiring student designers to help them gain recognition by the fashion community and to interlink them into the fashion community publicly.
Local Designers’ label

Odds by Reckless Ericka

Incorporating an environmental message into the fashion runway.
A local fashion designer label – MashUp
Marcellie Runway is also stars three newly-emerged local labels – Mash-Up, Quainthood and Reckless Ericka’s diffusion line, Odds. The achievements of these designers behind these labels is inspiring and I hope it aspires more youths to have the courage to pursue their dreams in life.
Mash-Up is an independent, offbeat street-wear label inspired by an array of styles like Skate-punk, hip-hop and ethnic heritage. The three designers behind this label are fashion graduates from Lasalle College of the Arts.
Quainthood, on the other hand, is geared towards providing sophistication for the woman on the sreet. Designer Joy Ng describes her label’s colour palette as neutral-heavy with the infusion of navy blue.
We do have great local talent here!
Love the assymmetrical designs of this dress!
Odds by Reckless Ericka
Odds by Reckless Ericka is a diffusion line, which is an affordable range of casual,street-chic womenswear, some of which can be worn in multiple ways. The main concept of Reckless Ericka is ” Euro-centric”.
Marcus Wong( in a suit) and Eleanor Pang ( in black-white striped dress) are the co-founders of Marcellie Runway.


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