Miss Pearl-fect: Weekend Outfits Edition for the Girls

Miss Pearl-fect: Weekend Outfits Edition for the Girls
Everyone’s seems to be turning into a virtual shopper nowadays! It’s so much easier to purchase trendy clothes,bags and shoes online without having to make a trip down to Orchard road or Bugis Street.  It’s also cheaper to purchase items online! 
Here’s an online local blogshop called Miss Pearl-fect which offers classic and versatile pieces for the ladies to dress up in any occasions from formal to casual. What I really love about their latest collection is how casual yet stylish the clothes are when paired up with chic-looking accessories like a hat or chunky bangles. These pieces are timeless that will never go out of style for a long time. When I go shopping, I prefer buying basic tops or dresses that are timeless yet trendy. To spice up my outfit, I will go wear my mint-green watch from DIVA and Fuschia beaded bracelets from Rubi Shoes. Since this season is all about wearing bright neon colours, you can complete your look by wearing bold-coloured jewellery,belts or hats that stands out. But remember to keep to the rule: Less is more. Nothing too over the top unless you are dying to grab attention from the crowd!
Here’s Miss Pearl-fect latest collection in August! 
These outfits are great for the weekends!
This look is perfect for a late night-out at pubs or bars along Clarke Quay. I love the fact that the white long-sleeve is sheer so that it’s not too heavy on top when paired with a vest that will help to define the curves of your body, making you appear slimmer. The pastel-cream shorts with a soft-wavy trimmings at the ends will adds a feminine and girly touch to soften the chic-edgy look.
This bright red-orange short-sleeve jacket is perfect for the summer especially if you want to layer your outfit with a pop of colour.The golden buttons adds a touch of elegance to this jacket.
Do you know that this rocker skull top is also worned by VEE from Sunsilk Academy Fantasia? Miss Pearl-fect is one of the clothes sponsor for this first-ever singing-reality contest in Singapore! Even though Miss Pearl-fect has just started about a year ago, they have caught the attention of media when they were asked to be the clothes sponsor for Supermodel Me TV show!
Going out on a brunch date with your loved one on a lazy Sunday?Or high-tea with the girls on Saturday? This is the perfect,sweet and feminine dress with some nice detailing like pretty frills and puffed sleeves. Dab your lips with a pink lipstick and swipe some blusher over your cheeks and you’re good to go to have tea,cakes and macarons.
This rose-pink dress is also a great office wear. Instead of wearing black pencil skirts with ironed-white long sleeve shirts, why not go for something formal yet feminine?
Miss Pearl-fect also offers cool accessories like this studded brown clutch which you could totally bring it along to the club with style. It’s definitely an eye-catching piece when you could totally show it off in parties or events.
Have fun during your weekends! TGIF ! 

Clothes and accessories from Miss Pearl-fect blogshop

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