Ramen Keisuke: Tonkotsu King – Was I in Japan?

I’m not totally crazy over Japanese Ramen but I do love Japanese food for their use of fresh and high quality ingredients that goes into making sushi or ramen! And there seem to be a ramen craze in Singapore where people are searching for the best ramen places in town! Here’s one of the more popular ramen places which is highly recommended by my friends though I really love the authentic tasting ramen at Maru-tamen.
A cute lil’ Jap boy reading some comics while his parents are waiting patiently in line. There’s a stack of  Japanese magazines and comics for you to browse through to kill time while queuing up for some good ramen.
Free-flow of roasted barley tea served all day!

You can even sip some tea while queuing up to get in!

As this is really a small ramen shop with few tables, you might have to wait and queue to get in on busy days. But these days, people don’t really mind waiting for good food! On a side note, this is one place you probably wouldn’t really want to dine in for long because the ramen shop can get really cramp and stuffy when it gets really crowded. Needless to say, this ramen shop is also rather stuffy too. You’re probably going to sweat quite abit while you are sipping hot ramen soup from the bowl.

Besides the free-flow of roasted barley tea, there’s also a basket full of hard-boiled eggs for you to savour! The normal brown eggs has got slightly lower cholesterol than the white ones!

Crushin’ sesame seeds. 
All ramen is served with sesame seeds as toppings.
Hmm… but beware of the smell linger on your fingers after crushing the sesame seeds…
You will know what I mean after you have diligently crushed the seeds.
I know it’s ironic for me to say that this place make me felt like I’m in Japan when I have not visited Japan before. It’s like one of those tiny ramen stalls along the streets of Japan where the Japanese basically settle down for a quick meal and leave immediately after eating. I would think that the pace of life in Japan is much faster than in Singapore. At least, we love to dine slowly and eat while having a conversation with friends in cafes or restaurants. We, Singapore, do know how to slow down and enjoy our meals!
Spicy Char Siew Tonkotsu Ramen ( Pork Bone Broth)
(I ordered this!)
I was very impressed with the noodles which is not too overcooked and has a nice bite to it. The pork bone soup broth was also thick and had a nice white cloudy broth. The pork bone soup broth is made from boiling pork bones and fat over high temperatures for a long period of time til the pork flavour and fats from the bones gets into the soup. You need hours of hard work, effort and sweat from the chef who prepared this!
I love the springy noodles and thick soup base!
Portion-wise, the amount of ramen served is just right. The bowl isn’t exactly that big and if you are feeling full after finishing the bowl of ramen, it’s probably due to their hand-made noodles that expands in your stomach.
This slice of Char Siew is quite big!
Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
This has to be one of the best out of the three flavours!
Original Tonkotsu Ramen with Seaweed
Sprinkle some crushed fragrant sesame seeds over and enjoy!

Some Japanese Ramen for you?

I need to make a trip to Japan real soon.
Keisuke Tonkotsu King
1 Tras Link
Orchid Hotel 
Singapore 078867

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