Strangers’ Reunion: Artisan Coffee and Summer Berry Waffles

Once a stranger. Now, a buddy.
My strangers’ reunion with my Junior college mates was held in this tiny cafe along Kampong Bahru road that is home to a two-time and current Singapore National Barista Champion and second runner-up of World latte art championships. You will be awed by the splendour of latte art when you visit this coffee place. 
Making a cup of coffee is an art within itself. The pattern made in the foam toppings looks so pretty that you wouldn’t dare to mar the beautiful designs by taking a sip of coffee from the cup. 
Here’s a video about Latte Art!
I wouldn’t mind going for barista courses if I have the time! ( Strangers’ reunion offers barista courses too!)

Egg Benedicts
Smoked salmon and Poached Eggs with Hollandaise sauce
The Hollandaise sauce is a little too thick for my liking. Lightly-whisked runny and enriched egg yolks with just the right amount of butter will produce a better Hollandaise to go with poached eggs and smoked salmon. This is, of course, nothing like the ones I tried at Le Choupinette or Pique-Nique. 
Maybe the French knows it better?

Greek yoghurt with mixed berries and banana on soft waffle
If you need to eat something sweet to go with your espress or flat white, you might want to their waffles.
You will never go wrong with waffles! Could you resist a warm waffle served with maple syrup or ice-cream? Singaporeans just couldn’t resist such a tasty sweet treat. That’s why we have waffles sold almost everywhere on our shores, even our 7-11 stores offer waffles with free toppings for just a dollar! By the way,the 7-11 waffles taste as good as the ones sold in Prima Deli Bakeries.
Salmon Sandwich

If you would like something savoury, you could go for their sandwiches or pastries such as croissants. Take some time to pick your favourite coffee and pastries as you will probably be sitting here in their cosy settings for hours. If you’re alone in this cafe, it’s perfectly fine! Who says you can’t talk to strangers? 

This is where strangers come together and reunite.

37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169356
Tel: 6222 4869
(5 mins walk from Outram MRT station)

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