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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Concert Week 7 : Musical Night – Adios Chloe and Jun Yang

The jugdes for tonight
小寒, 吴佳明 and 田伟鸿

Hi Sunsilk Academy Fantasia fans!

Three more weeks to go before the finals!

Next week’s the semi-final round where the top 5 contestants : Vee, Hui Xian, Zhang Chi, ET and Irwin will be contesting against each other! The competition is just getting more and more intense week after week. Last Sunday we saw Chloe and Jun Yang packing their luggages to go home. It’s now down to 5 contestants. Will the good team spirit at academy last as each one of them is eyeing for the champione throne?

Opening Performance: Summer Nights
( Grease )
Last Saturday’s performance theme was on musicals. You not only need to have a good quality singing voice but also a flair for acting and drama. Once you’re a superstar, you’re expected to know how to sing, dance, host and even to act !
Love the retro outfits!
They sang, “Tell me more, tell me more…”
C’mon, tell me who is gonna win the first-ever singing reality TV contest?
Just this week, there was a huge furore at the academy when news broke that Chloe wanted to withdraw from the competition but somehow, an hour before their performance results were release last Sunday, Chloe said she wanted to be back in the competition. Her rash action raises several puzzling eyes. Male contestants such as Zhang Chi and Jun Yang find it unfair. Who could blame her for being indecisive? The pressure to succeed in this competition is on the rise and not everyone could be acting sane under stress.
This exciting week, we also saw that the contestants had refreshing make-over and change in their hairstyles. At last, these people are looking more like superstars right now. But 
After almost 6 weeks of trainings, Hui Xian emerges to be a strong contender who won the likes of several teachers and audiences with her versatile voice and good learning attitude at the academy. At this point, she seems to be the likely winner for this contest, but who knows will there be a twist in the end. Can this 19-year-old quiet,reserve but resilient girl take on stage of becoming Singapore’s next megastar? The choice is yours, Singapore. Vote for remaining favourite contestants!
Irwin is looking really groovy with this lime-green glasses!
That’s a classic expression from Vee!
田伟鸿(George Chan)’s radiant and bright smile

The Winner Takes it All
Chloe’s young supporters
Does this look very much like one of the contestants?
Yes, that’s right she’s…..
Zhang Chi
“Can’t take my eyes off you”
Zhang Chi was so stressed up and bothered about the fact that he has to perform an English song this week. He was even reluctant to try singing when Michelle Chia was there to pay them a visit at the academy.
 But somewhere, with his boyish smile and one-of-a-kind personality, he did relatively well for last Saturday’s performance.
What a sigh of relief!
If he can’t even bring himself to conquer a foreign language songs, then how is he going to perform overseas when he becomes a full-time singer? I mean, he should not keep whining or putting blame on the languge itself. Just give it your best shot.The judges and audience will know how much effort and hardwork you’ve put in.
Part of the World
Erica Li
Hui Xian
Hopelessly Devoted to You
Jun Yang

“Can you feel the love tonight?”

“I have a dream”

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