Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Week 5 Concert – Duets

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Week 5 Concert – Duets
Opening performance: 恋爱达人 

Almost a month has passed and the contestants of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia are entering their fifth week in the running towards becoming the next Singapore’s superstar. The winner of this singing contest will be signing a two-year singing contract with our local’s music production company,Ocean Butterflies who also produces the likes of Stefanie Sun and Lin Jun Jie. It’s been quite sometime ever since we’ve got a major talent search competition that happens on this scale, who’s going to our next local songbird to show the rest of the world what we’ve got?

This week’s theme is love duets. The remaining 8 contestants were paired up to sing 2 duet songs each. Last week, we saw a few contestants tearing profusely after Jessie and Celyn took their leave from the Academy. No one knows who’s going to be the next one to get eliminated because even the most popular female contestant, Jessie, who used to garner the highest amount of votes, was now booted out of the competition. In their confession videos, Vee and Zhang Chi predicted that they will be the ones who will leaving this week. Will it be Vee, who many people has been rooting for to be the winner of this contest, or Zhang Chi who seemed unsure of himself? Results will be revealed the next morning.

黎沸挥老师,许环良老师 and 李志清老师 (来自马来西亚的音乐人及歌手).

The performing band for today was Prince, from St James Power Station,which comprises of  Keyboardist Mark, Drummer Jinhua, Bassist Andrew, and Guitarist Jeeyon.

And the host, Joe Tsai, as usual, starts of the concert with a neat opening. But I felt that he was putting the contestants at a difficult spot with his straighforward questions and comments. You got to watch this show on Starhub TV Channel 110 to see it for youself! By the way, Starhub is airing the channel for free exclusively from 17 August to 21 August!


Both of them looked like a real sweet couple with the matching pink-blue outfit and Zhang Chi even went up to Vee to give her a flower and a peck on her forehead. But the judges didn’t find their performance to be really outstanding. 

In my opinion, they fail to see that singing duets isn’t all about acting initimate with your singing partner, rather, it’s how your voices intertwine together perfectly and beautifully when the resounding notes clashes as you sing. It’s when both of you could almost read each other mind’s as you were singing and thinkin on a same frequency. That’s when your emotions,voices and expressions will resonate in the audiences’ heart. 
You can’t blame Zhang Chi for not trying hard enough because he actually did all he could to put up a good performance. But then again, I hope Zhang Chi could put more hardwork when it comes to song preparation.

(Latest!) Results are out on Sunday morning and unfortunaely, Guang Li has to leave te academy as he has the lowest number of votes. Vee felt bad that though she performed poorly, she still manage to quality for the next round.

Their dance teacher, Ericia, is pretty positively about Jun Yang’s and Hui Xian’s stage performance!
Hui Xian is consistent in her level of performance and received good comments from both teachers and judges. She’s doing well in this contest. Keep up the good work! But does that mean she will emerge as the winner of this contest? Your voting still counts!
I really love Jun Yang’s quirky retro hairdo that evening. It made him look a little like Jacky Chung!
As usual, when ET gets really hyper and excited on stage, he will get into the habit of whipping up his index finger to point at the audience, judges, band members standing right behind and even… the sky?
This fast number has got ET and Irwin on their feet, dancing and hopping around on stage, trying to get the audience in the mood to clap and have fun. Their energy, drive and liveliness were so contagious that even 许环良老师 can’t stop smiling to himself.

ET just can’t stop hopping around!
Psst… Guang Li has admitted that he has a crush on Chloe! But he did not reveal his true feelings to Chloe as he is afraid that it might affect her emotions during the competition. He’s really thoughtful! It must be hard to keep your feelings contained.
Aww… …
Chloe has got really young supporters too!
In order for this duo to remain in the competition,the principal of the Academy suggested that they got to work extra hard! 
Dear fans, why do you leave the name boards and light sticks on the stage like this? 

黎沸挥老师‘s comments can be really hilarious so much so that even 许环良老师 would laughed his head off.

This duo has named themselves “小小夫妻党” which means young married couple. How sweet! They are singing the duet titled “复刻回忆”.
I have to admit that I actually spent a few hours watching them live on TV because it’s really  entertaining to watch them undergoing vocal, dance and other professional trainings to become the next wannabe. The academy has arranged great and inspiring teachers to guide and teach them. Though I’m not as lucky as them to be learning from such great teachers, at the very least, I get to watch and learn from their coaches on TV! I’m so sad that I missed the part where the makeup artist from MAKE UP FOREVER actually came down to the academy to teach them useful makeup skills!

Good news for fans and supporters of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia! You can now watch them on TV even if you’re not a Starhub TV suscriber!The Academy Fantasia Channel (Ch 110) will be opened for ALL to view on TV and starhubtv.com from 17 Aug to 21 Aug! Simply tune your TV frequency to VHF 76.25 MHz! For more information, please visit their website!

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