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Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour : The Red Lip Vs The Pink Lip

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colour : The Red Lip Vs The Pink Lip
Everyone’s seem to be rocking with the red lipstick.
And it bothers me because I can’t seem to pull off the bright red lip look.
I swear, I look almost like a clown with red swollen lips or someone who has red lipstick smeared all over the lips. It looks disastrous.
But I finally figured that I suit the hot pink lip better after trying out Bare Minerals’ Pretty Amazing Lipcolour in Fuchsia. Hold it. Did I mention that its’ not exactly a lipstick or a lipgloss? This innovative product works like paint. Paint your lips with the brush applicator and there you have it. A bold red or hot pink lip. It’s a rich, intense and high-impact lip colour that will give your lips that insatiable shine and matt finish. And I prefer this type of formula as compared to lip gloss or lipstick because it has a longer staying power and a richer colour to put you into an elevated state of gorgeousness.
Bright red lip or hot pink lip?
Bright red lip gives you that ever-classic, bold and independent feel while the hot pink lip has a more fun, flirty and girly vibe. Choose the right colour because the colour of your lips can reveal alot about your personality!
Lipcolour Swatch
It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?


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