Campus Foodie Adventures : Part 2 – Food Philosophy

Ambush @ Jurong Point
Since you only lived once,
Settle for food that taste fresh and good.
Trash out the rest.
Ice-cream @ MacDonalds,Jurong Point
You can be realy creative with food.
Who says you can dip fried into ice-cream?
Canteen 13’s Korean food stall
You only have that many moments 
Where you could eat and live like Kings and Queens.
So why hesitate?
Canteen 13’s Soya Beancurd
Less is more.
Something simple like this can be exceptionally good.
Experience what pure food really taste like.
Canteen 16’s Yong Tau Foo
7 Days a week
6 days of the greens 
1 day of indulgence
Canteen 2’s Breakfast Toast Set
Going traditional and rustic
Keeps your feet rooted to the ground.
Don’t you dare to remove your roots.
NIE Canteen Vegetarian Stall
Spare a life.
Spare the wings.
Spare the herbivores.
Go vegan.
Macdonalds @ NTU
Be part of the fast-food culture.
Because Macs is here to stay.
It begins from the moment you open your eyes.
Greet Mr.Donald!
Homebaked treats are the best messages to your heart.
Nothing can be compared to these sweet treats
Which were made specially for you.
Even the flour and eggs were soaked with your name.
Cafe HotShot @ NIE Library
Food pairing is important.
Because everything comes in pairs.
Never go solo,
Or you’ll be lonely.
Coffee and scones.
Just like Oreo and milk.
They will never break apart.
NTU Canteen A ‘s Breakfast Toast Set.
Things sometimes aren’t perfect.
Accept what you already have and live on.
There are better eggs out there.
Don’t give up.
I love them.
I can’t live without bubbles appearing everywhere.
They supply me with oxygen.
Don’t suffocate yourself with more carbon dioxide.
Live well. Breathe well. Eat well.
It’s okay to swallow bubbles.
Tummies bloats
But they deflate with treadmills.
A pocket full of sunshine like this
Can keep your hunger pangs away 
Don’t we all love to snack when we are a kid?
Just don’t go overboard.
Tearing, poping and crunching.
Or you may end up munching up your life away.
Share everything you have.
Fraction out your love.
Food taste much better.
When you are surrounded by loving souls.

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