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Club Street Social : The European Bistro in Singapore

Club Street Social : The European Bistro in Singapore
Last Sunday I had a reunion with my scondary school mates at this bistro-like cafe which a little far-off from the main street. The setting here is pretty much like those bistros or pubs in Europe where people usually visit there to get some coffee or wine with some tapas. Unlike restaurants, they don’t usually serve meals. But in Singapore, things are a little different at Club Street Social. This is one of the popular brunch places in town.
Truffled Egg Toast
I really enjoyed my meal over there while having a good conversation with my long-lost friends on a Sunday late afternoon. It’s hard to imagine that I haven’t been keeping in touch with them for almost 10 years! Remember those last days at school where you promise each other that you’ll keep in touch?
Thise truffled egg toast was nicely-done with the soft-boiled egg yolk embedded in the middle of the bread. The golden yolk oozes out upon slicing the toast into halves. According to my friend, it is a little too cheesy but for me, a cheese-lover, it’s tasted quite alright. It’s rather tasty but still, nothing can be compared to this dish right below.
Confit Duck, roast portobello,balsamic onion 
This is a must-try dish if you intend to head down over to Club Street Social. This dish will rock your socks off with some sparkling wine. By the way, there’s a selection of red and white wines offered at the cafe. 
Yes, I know. It looks quite…plain right? Wait til you take a bite into this panini which has a evenly-baked crust. Sink your teeth into the cripsy and warm layer and savour the flavourful taste of the duck confit with portobello mushroom. This is the best snack/tapas ever.
Oh wait. Don’t forget to dip your slice of duck confit panini into the balsamic onion sauce!
Nutella Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Again, this is not your usual slap of cake or puding with vanilla ice-cream.
This sinful dessert is sure to get your appetite going. The bread pudding was all gone after a few minutes. It’s a show-stopper.
You bet, this jovial waiter here is putting up a little show for us as he drizzles the chocolate sauce all over the ice-cream and bread pudding.
Eating this is one sin you’ll never regret.
Is happiness proportional to calories?

Must-tries: Confit Duck Panini, Nutella Bread Pudding, coffees

5 Gemmil Lane
(Nearest MRT: Chinatown Station)
(10 to 15 mins walk)

* Photos are raw and unedited.*

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