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Dressin’ up for Winter: I’m hearing the Sleighbells Ringing!

Before you know it, the winter season will just be around the corner. I’m still thinkin’ if I should be heading over to another country to enjoy winter and Christmas 🙂 If I’m going ahead with my travel plan, I had to think of what to pack in my travel bag. These are probably some of the items I will throw into my bag…

1. Scarves, scarves, scarves
These are great accessory items to jazz up your winter outfit. I would go for the classic bright red scarf, just like the one Kate Middleton is wearing here. It will perfect pairing with your navy blue or black trench coat. Can’t wait for Christmas!


2. Carmel Winter Trench Coat

This is another classic winter wear that looks great on anyone as it accentuates your curves nicely. Pair this up with with a pair of white faux leather heels or soft light brown heels. I could imagine this model here wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, taking a morning stroll along the cobbled streets in Rome.

3. Ankle boots

Ankle boots somehow help to elongate your legs if you know how to wear it in a stylish way. The opening of the boots has to be wide so that your legs appear to look smaller and thinner relative to the boots. Check out Kate’s brown suede ankle boots!

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