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Lancome’s Ombre Absolue Impact 3D: Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve been testing a stash of beauty products given by my aunt lately! It’s definitely fun experimenting with different make-up tools and colours. I’m toying with the idea of creating make-up tutorials on my blog but I figured that I probably need to brush up my make-up techniques and learn more about skincare and beauty before I’m confident enough to share it with the rest of the world. Well, but I’m guess I could gradually unfold my dreams by utilising what I already have – the stash of beauty products on my dressing table and vanity drawers.
And for today, let’s start with this eyeshadow palette which was release by Lancome about a year ago in early 2011. This 5-shade palette is going to help you create a 3-dimensional eye makeup look by simply layering each eyeshadow colour on your eyelids to create depth. 
Reves Du Jarden 
“The Garden of Dreams”
In this eyeshadow palette I was given, it has a highlighting shade ( white ; top row), middle shade (mint green), dark shade ( olive green), top coat ( shimmering white gold) and liner shade ( shimmering black;bottom row).  
To start off, the highlighting shade is to be used on the highest points of your features like your brow bones to catch the natural light, making it more prominent. White eyeshadows are also great for highlighting other features like your nose bridge to make your nose look taller.
The middle shade sets the base colour tone for your eyelids. For me, I prefer to use the brush applicator provided in the palette as it helps to transfer more of the eyeshadow pigments to the eyelids as compare to when I’m using my fingers. Swipe this pretty mint green all over your eyelid!
Next, I would apply the olive eyeshadow on the depths of my eye sockets or the eye creases to add depth to the eyes. This is followed by the top coat, where I would dab the shimmering gold on the middle of my eyelids for that finising touch.
Finally, you could choose to finish off your eye makeup look by using a black eyeliner to line your eyes or you could use the liner shade, a shimmering black to define your eyes.
Eye Shadow Palette Swatch

I’m loving this eye palette because the selection of colours is perfect to create a multi-dimensional and wide expressive eyes for a day makeup look as the colours are not too intense. Also, I’m in love with the colour, mint green! But the eyeshadows are not exactly long-lasting and may wear off after a few hours. It is quite highly pigmented but not exactly creamy. Swipe on more eye primer on your eyelids before putting eyeshadow so that the eye make-up would last longer!

There are also 4 other eye shadow palettes in Lancome’s Ombre Absolue Impact 3D range. Check out Lancome’s website for more details

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