Love Pine: Beautiful Dresses to Chase Away the Dark Clouds

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Ca va? 
Time just flies, right? We’ve come to the last quarter of the year ! Hope everything has been smooth sailing for you guys. If life hasn’t been treating you so well, just tell yourself that you can be much  stronger and tougher than who you really are. Always put on a smile, pick yourself up and prance out of your house to get bathe in the beautiful warm sunlight. You will feel your skin glowing once again when out yourself out to face the world once again. 
Today marks the first day of September which is perfect day to start afresh. Toss away your bad memories so that you have room to usher beautiful and exciting memories! Doll yourself up to make yourself feel youthful and beautiful. Put on a pretty dress,wear a bright red lipstick,slip on your favourite heels and off you go to experience something magical in the coming months.
Check out the following beautiful dresses below! Guarantee to chase your blues away!
Here’s Love Pine’s Second Collection for the upcoming month, September! Love Pine is an online blogshop that offers a range of great quality yet affordable trendy dresses for women.
I really like their second collection alot as the colours are vibrant and the cuttings of these dresses are simply flattering for most body types! My favourite ones from this collection is the Brilliant Belted Working Dress, Helena Lady Elegant Dress and Regina Regal Garden Dress!

What lovely prints!
Stand out from the crowd with this whimiscal dress.
Sweet feminine working dress!
Hello Miss Sunshine!
Love that tangerine shade of colour that complements with the model’s skin complexion!
Perfect for Saturday Brunch of high tea parties!

Do visit their website for more trendy dresses from their lace, florals, timeless and abstract series of aparels!
Remember to check out their Facebook Page too!

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