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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Finale! The Little Genie finally Blossoms

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Finale! The Little Genie finally Blossoms
Last Sunday’s performance was a blast! Life, as part of the media, was a breeze when you are issued this media pass which allows you to gain access to areas where you could capture a close-up view of the contestants. It can be a little challenging to get potrait shots of the contestants without the use of a good camera zoom lens. My bet, with the current DSLR lens I’m using, I can’t really zoom far. I really need to fight for space, especially near the stage area but it ain’t easy with the camera crew scurrying everywhere.
Some light refreshments for the VIPs. Thanks Starhub for the Media VIP invite!
TV Show Host.
I think tat this week Joe,the TV host for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia, was more careful with his comments. At least, he was not showing any favouritism towards any of the contestants this time round.
Zhang Chi! 
He’s got a pretty huge fan base who were there to support him that night. Not bad for a 19-year-old boy who just got settled in Singapore! He has his charms! Besides, this Jay Chou-look alike has a personality of his own. Some would call that the “X-factor”. 
But honestly, out of the 7 male contestants, he’s the one who stood out the most with his boyish personality and sleek vocals. Zhang Chi, who is blessed with good vocals, could pull off almost any track!
All 14 contestants were back that night for a showdown.
Judges for the finals.
你知道吗?慧娴她成经参加过 Campus Superstar 2 比赛而夺得奖励。怪不得她看起来十分有经验, 而且唱功方面也不错。
Zhang Chi came third in place.
And…Irwin came second in place!
Little genie … or stone…
Hui Xian!
慧娴 情绪十分的激动。
The post-party begins…

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