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The Fabulous Baker Boy: It’s so Fluffy and Chocolatey that I can die!

The Fabulous Baker Boy: It’s so Fluffy and Chocolatey that I can die!
With the help of food blogger Charleen from Gninethree, I think I’ve just a found that serves one of the best cakes in Singapore! What a lucky find! These days, with so many cafes springing up in Singapore, it can be really tough to find one that serves cake so fluffy and moist. And most important of all, the baker himself is truly passionate about baking cakes that could sweeten anyone’s heart and soul. 
It’s located just right next to Viridian Art House. After viewing the art gallery, you could head over for a brunch or tea at The Fabulous Baker Boy Cafe!
Tadaa! The cakes look magical!
When I’ve tasted something really good, I just can’t stop raving about it to my friends! I knew that when    I finally found such a gem in town, I had to share this awesome find with the world. Maybe that’s how I fell in love with blogging! Grandma’s Pancake may not appear as those perfect pancakes served in popular pancakes or brunch places here in Singapore, but I tell you, this Grandma’s pancake beats all those nice and round pancakes sold at other cafes! They must have added something special in it! I hope Grandma will reveal it to us someday!
What a great idea to have a recipe written beautifully on the wall.
This barista makes really good coffee too!
Fine Art.
I wish I had a chance to learn how to craft my morning flatwhite/cappucino/Latte with some latte art.
I had a cup of flat white that Sunday afternoon.
I was there with Charleen that afternoon and she recommended me to try their red velvet cakes. Well, for me, I’ve eaten one of the worst and one of the best red velvet cakes by far. And I have to say that it requires alot of skill and experience to bake a decent red velvet cake that is not too overly sweet or bland. Not that I’ve bake a red velvet cake before, but I know that it’s pretty hard to reach that balance. But I’m glad I’ve found this place that serves very moist and rich red velvet cake! The sponge layer is soft but firm and very fluffy and best of all, the layer of rich dark chocolate coat had made the slice of cake tasted truly heavenly. I also liked that the icing between each layer is not too sweet or too creamy. Everything just came about as perfect.
It’s so fluffy that I can die!
 That’s 4 layers of true delight.
This is a place not to be missed, people!
Located just across the main road, opposite Liang Court at Clarke Quay.
Do head over there soon before it gets too crowded!
Thanks for the recommendation,Gninethree!

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