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Tung Lok Bloggers’ Cooking Party with Star Chef of The Year@ My Humble House

Tung Lok Bloggers’ Cooking Party with Star Chef of The Year@ My Humble House
Thanks to Gninethree, I was able to attend this exclusive cooking party organised by Tung Lok. I just got to know about this Modern Chinese restaurant empire until I came for this food tasting event. Sure enough, it was embarrassing not to know of such a large restaurant group which comprises of more than 40 over restaurants and representing over 15 brands in Singapore, China, India, Japan and Indonesia! 
This cooking party was held at  My Humble House which is also one of the restaurants under Tung Lok group. It’s located at level 2 of  Esplanade and the restaurant itself has offers a spectacular view of the city’s skyline. 
Hmm… how could I not know about this award-winning restaurant at Esplanade? 
This is one hidden gem.
Did you know that Tung Lok Group was also the first to introduce modern Chinese cuisine to Singapore in 1997? They play a part in shaping Singapore’s food and cultural scene too!
Tapas served for that evening: Siew Mai, Vietnamese Spring Roll and Hainanese Chicken Rice
Asian oriental food that comes in small bite sizes. 
Love the Siew Mai!
It’s chewy and … bouncy! Stuffed with all the fresh mince meat and topped with a tiny bit of chili… There’s just one word in this world to describe it.
That’s one singlish word which I, til today, can’t find an equivalent word for it. 

Then, the cooking party begins!
Thank goodness that we don’t have to actually cook any of the dishes here! ( Even though I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and learn how to cook from a Star chef!) All we need to do is to just assemble the cooked ingredients prepared for us and we’re free to present the dish in any way we want.
But before all the fun begins, we were treated to a live cooking demostration by the restaurant’s in-house chefs!
 There are two dishes prepared for us that night. 
1) Pan-seared Maotai Wine-marinated Chicken stuffed with Foie Gras wrapped in Black Sesame Crepe

2) Soft Red Bean Banana Ball coated in Shredded Coconut served on Chilled
Tropical Fruits with Crushed Coconut-flavored Ice with Gula Malaka

Wondering why the chopping boards are of a distinct colour? The chopping boards are actually colour-coded! The green one’s for vegetables and the red one’s for  meat. How cool is that?

That’s Chef Ken Ling (right) and Chef David Liew (left).
This Pan-seared Maotai Wine-marinated Chicken stuffed with Foie Gras is making me very hungry. I was quite tempted to pop a slice of it into my mouth just as the chef was preparing it.

Chef’s master piece!
Each blogger has their own set of ingredients to play with. That cooking session was like some de-stress ‘spa session’ for me. For once, I get to tap on my right brain and to do something creative.

I wrapped all the ingredients with the homemake sesame pancake!

That’s my creation! Inspired by the achitecture of the outdoor theatre which stood just right outside Esplanade. It looks rather strange and quirky though. Like something out of outer space?

 Chef David Liew is removing the coconut husk so that it’s easier to scrap out the coconut flesh.
That’s alot of gula melaka…drizzled all over the coconut ice-cream…
Chef David Liew looks really serious when he’s preparing the dish. It’s alot of hardwork! And I guess that the beauty of cooking when alot of love, care, effort and attention is invested in whipping out a dish. That’s why it’s really heartwarming to know that someone has specially cooked something for you to fill your stomach. Don’t we all love good food cooked by loving hands?
Ooo…all those dry ice! 

The coconut ice-cream is quite incredible and it’s really easy to make! All you simply need to do it to boil coconut juice and coconut milk (1:1 in proportion) together with some pandan leaf and sugar til it bubbles. Refrigerate the mixture for 8 hours and voila! You very own tropical coconut ice-cream!

The coconut ice cream goes well with the champagne. 

Creamy coconut milk ice-cream. Very sinful but it’s only a small scoop of ice-cream,right?
Soft Red Bean Banana ball
 My creation! Tah–daaah!

Thank you Tung Lok for the lovely mooncakes! 
It was all swept away by my family members after I brought it home
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

#02-27/29 Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802

Tel: 6423 1881 
Fax: 6423 1551

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