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Vintage Tea Party @ House The Dempsey: That Dejavu Feeling

So I’m back at this beautiful restaurant nestle in this calm and serene setting of Dempsey Hill that offers relatively good and affordable high tea buffet. I guess this has to be one of the more affordable high tea places in town with just a fee of slightly over $25 per person. And for 25 bucks, you get to enjoy the beautiful ambience and over a platter of sweet and savour treats. What more could you ask for?
We first started out with 6 people but then we decided that we could extend the invite to the rest of our peers back in school. So there you go, 14 hungry people, who’ve just gone through 6 hours of tutorials, back-to-back lessons with almost no breaks in between, feasting happily at the table.
There hasn’t been much changes to the buffet spread when compared to my last visit here except for the placement of items and the fewer selections of cakes. One of changes I’ve also noticed is also the placement of the food. The bread selections and choices of bread toppings have been narrowed to a few selections. But I’m glad that they are still serving their champion topping, wild truffles and mushrooms! 
They still keep their selections of tea to two: Jungle Julep and Ginger. Jungle Julep is a type of mint tea. But I must say that their ginger tea tasted so much smoother in texture and pleasant. It is not too spicy at all.
Their squid-ink pizzas’ still the best!
I’m not really a fan of their cakes though. Maybe that’s why they also reduce their cake selection to two? But I have to say that their homemade tarts and cupcakes are incredibly good, especially the grapefruit lemon tart with green tea mocha base.
Crème brûlée is also another specialty of House.
While you’re there, don’t forget to grab hold of some delicious freshly-baked cooks stored in the small cookie jars on the long buffet-spread table. Everyone’s loving the long sugar-coated cheesesticks.
Having more tea to neutralise the palette and to aid in the digestion of food.
That’s a pretty worthy damage to our wallets! Thank goodness all of us had extra pocket money this month!
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