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A Lil’ Bit of This, A Lil’ Bit of That

This foodie outing took place about a week ago where I had a little foodie trail session with blogger Mag. We were hanging out in Somerset area, and I thought I might just want to try the pastries at Freshly Baked, Le Bijoux at Kiliney Road. 
I guess that’s what foodies love to do on weekends – constantly exploring new places to have brunch and afternoon tea with friends. Recently, I notice my blog entries were all on something humanely essential necessity- FOOD. I don’t really know how it all started but I guess I’m turning into a glutton very soon. So I’ve began to “hold on the reigns” and keep up with this new eating rule I came up with : a lil’ bit of this, a lil’ bit of that. This is because I figured that minute bites of cakes is all I need to tell if this cafe serves cakes that where to die for.
Raspberry scones served with butter and jam

Don’t forget to try the chocolate tart while you’re at Freshly Baked!
Afternoon tea set at the Handburger at 313@Sommerset
Less is more.

A little is all we need. 

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