A Short Getaway to Genting: Escaping from the Heat

Last weekend, I was at Genting Resort World with 24 other Nuffnang bloggers from Singapore. It was a sponsored trip by Nuffnang, Genting Resort World and Five Star Tour. It was fruitful and safe trip and many thanks to Nuffnang for organising this trip.
 I used to visit Genting pretty often as a kid and I’m surprise that Genting has never really changed much! The indoor and outdoor theme park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Starbucks outlet where I used to have my hot chocolate… it all brings back all those nostalgic childhood moments.
Besides getting to know a bunch of other fun-lovin’ bloggers, I guess the biggest take-away is the vast dining options at Genting Resorts and the visit to Snow World where I almost got froze bite!
Ginseng Root with Chicken
Spare Ribs with Chef’s Sauce
Steamed Marble Goby Fish with Minced Ginger
Home-made Soya Bean Curd with Crab Egg Sauce
Australia Asparagus with Lily Bulbs
Crispy Lo Mei Chi 
Steam Free-Range Chicken
Genting First World Hotel
World Club Room
It looks sparkling new. Enjoy a bath while overlooking at the beautiful scenery outside.
Weather’s a little chilly at Genting. It’s a nice getaway from the heat in Singapore.
I brought my Travel duffel bag from TheTwentyFive along!
After lunch, we went to explore the malls at genting. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival and I found this food kiosk that sells my favourite traditional Chinese candy! Dragon beard candy!
Nibbling some cakes at The Bakery.
Having tea while tapping Wifi at Starbucks.
Social junkies like us can’t live without the Internet.
For dinner, we were treated to this Chinese restaurant called Ming Ren that serves fine and exquisite Chinese dishes.
I didn’t realise there were actually two pairs of chopsticks on the table til one of the bloggers mentioned it. So, why two pairs? The black pair of chopsticks is for you to grab food from the main dish and the red one is for you to use it with your bowl of rice.
How cool is that?
Boiled Yam and Papaya Soup
This soup does teases the taste buds. I never expect something sweet like papaya could actually be prepared in a savoury way.
Yellow Ginger Rice
Braised Lamb with Lotus Roots and Preserved Bean Curd
Spicy Roasted Chicken
Deep-fried Prawns served with Wasabi and Dragon fruit
It looks like mesh-up dish with lots of sesame seeds sprinkle all over. It may not look that appetizing but this dish is pretty incredible with it’s Wasabi-coated prawns which tasted so fresh and succulent. You can’t judge the book by it’s cover.
The restaurant must have ran out of ingredients by the time we had finish our main course because instead of the bean curd with mint, we had this shards of baked lamb meat frozen in cream. I really don’t know how I could go about describing the taste of it but I was really full when it’s dessert time.
We had a blast on our first night at Genting where we sang and dance to the beat in the Karaoke room. The smell of the cigarettes was pretty unbearable and I had to leave and retire back to my hotel room. It’s been quite sometime that I could sleep so peacefully on bed. I was already thinking of breakfast as I shut my eyes and enter into a deep slumber.
The breakfast buffet spread at the Club Lounge was not too bad. At least, I had my hi-fibre toast with butter, pancakes with honey and coffee to start off the day. 
A hearty breakfast meal like this keeps me happy all day long 🙂
After a good breakfast, we visited Snow World where we played games, build Snowman and threw snowballs at each other. As I was afraid of my camera getting frozen by the icy-cool breeze, I did not brought it along with me into the snow. 
For lunch, we had a local cuisine hawker food fare at the Lobby Cafe which is located at Level 1 of  First World Hotel.
Chicken Curry Noodles
Chicken Rice
The bakery section of this cafe also offers a large range of pastries from pies to sponge cakes!
Custard cream doughnuts  with blue and red raspberries.
It looks to pretty to be eaten. That’s the trouble. We ended up with alot of leftover cakes to be eaten as we couldn’t finish up everything. It happens all the time when we have food tasting session where the number of dishes serve probably outnumbered the number of people present. It saddens me to see a heap of food going to waste but we just couldn’t stomach everything. I wonder how this problem could be solved. What do you think?

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