DeeniseGlitz’s Top 5 Breakfast Item Favourites

This week I’m going to write blog entries about my top 5 favourites of everything I love, from breakfast items to holiday destinations. This is an attempt to consolidate what I’ve written to far. So, I’m starting off with my top 5 breakfast item favourites.
1. Egg Benedict
I love poached eggs with smoked salmon and a dollop of fresh cream. 
2. Hi-Fibre Grains
It’s crunchy which makes it great for a quick breakfast snack. 
3. Scones
Not forgetting the clotted cream and some homemade jam!

4. Butter-Kaya Toast with half-boiled eggs
Ya-Kun serves the fresh eggs with huge runny yolks!
Dip the toast in the eggs and it instantly becomes French Toast!
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5. Yoghurt Parfait

I love the texture of Yoghurt together with some berries and crunchies like oats or granola.

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