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Epicurious @ Robertson Quay : Are you an Epicure?

Epicure refers to “a person who cultivates refined taste, especially in food and wine”, as stated in Mash this Greek word up with “curious” and you will get “Epicurious” – a so-called epicurean person who is curious about food and drinks. Maybe that’s how this restaurant at Robertson Quay gets its name from. In my opinion, this is one of the places in town for the epicures or connoisseur, if you know what I meet after coming here on a weekday night all the way from the west after hearing blogger Tracy complimenting how good the food is. 
And after indulging that Epicurious burger, I have to say… I love the food here!
Pretty table settings.
I was telling my varsity room mate how much I love the elegant dinnerware, the flowers and rustic furniture. I love every single detail of this place. As it was rather warm inside the cafe, we opted to go for Al-fresco where we dine just right outside the restaurant/deli , facing the quay. Enjoying the cool night breeze with good food and company. Could there be anything else better than this?
Epicurious Burger, $18

What goes well for me is the combination of beef burger patty with Thai green curry sauce mixed with Tomato Ketchup. I would slice off a chunk of beef patty with some bread and dipped it into the sauce…  delizioso (Italian) !
Epicurious Burger
House-made beef patty with sauté onions, salad, mushrooms and fries.
Caesar Salad, $11.00
Romaine mixed greens, poached egg, bacon and Parmesan cheese with Caesar dressings and croutons
When it comes to salad, most people would think, “Why order a bowl of vegetables that cost more than $10 when you could order something more substantial?” or ” How delicious a salad can be? Isn’t the taste pretty generic?”. But there will be those rare occasions where you could exclaimed things like, ” Wow, how could something simple tasted that delicious?” Last night dining experience at Epicurious was one of such rare occasions. It must be the bacon bit and Parmesan cheese.

Are you an Epicure?
Inspiring to be one.

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Robertson Quay

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