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Jimmy Monkey @ One-North Residence : Monkeylicious

Jimmy Monkey @ One-North Residence : Monkeylicious
Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar
9 One-North Gateway
#01-51 One-North Residences
Singapore 138643
I finally got to meet my ex-travel-cum-ex-roomie after several arrangements of meet-ups. This was an important meet-up where I’ve got to constantly remind her about this…” When is the time you leapt out of bed when the alarm clock rings? It’s time to change..” sort of conversation. Anyways, today’s brunch session at Jimmy Monkey was rater fantastic with good coffee and sandwiches. Oh and by the way, do you happen to know where sandwich originates from?  
I bet you didn’t know that Sandwich is actually a name of a small town in South of England! The sandwich we had today was named after the 4th earl of Sandwich, John Montagu! The story goes… John Montagu, then,the earl of Sandwich, was busying gambling away that he didn’t have anytime for eating. So, he ordered his servants to serve roast beef in between two slices of bread where he could hold on it without getting his fingers greasy while playing cards. And that’s simply how sandwich came about!
This has led me to think that maybe I could delve into the origin behind each food item found today. That would be interesting to write about especially after I’ve watch “Julie and Julia”, the movie about how Julie aspires to be Julia Child, who wrote a book on French cooking.  In the movie, Julie started her very own blogging project, titled ” The Julie/Julia Project” which later caught on the attention of several people in the media. Eventually, a book was published on it! Isn’t it amazing to write a book about the things you love? 
Anyway, back to the monkey…
Flat White
This cafe serves good coffee! It just makes my day a little brighter and happier.
JM Breakfast Sandwich
Rockets salad, bacon,eggs, roma tomato, avocado and kay’s relish served with some chips
I like this JM Breakfast sandwich. Yummy factor doubled!  I didn’t know that avocado goes well with bacon. It pretty much reminded me of the BLT sandwich I had at Jones The Grocer. Maybe I should start making a bacon avocado sandwich too. Perhaps to commemorate the invention of sandwiches!
Jimmy Monkey’s Cooked Breakfast
2 eggs, toast with butter and Jam with tea/coffee
The jam is special. It isn’t a typical fruit jam that is super sweet. It has this nice tea leaf fragrance to it. Yums.
The seating area is rather small, so do come early for breakfast or brunch if you can! The early risers get their catch!

 I will be back for more.

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