My Cherry Blossom Business Card

FINALLY! My long awaited business name card for my blog has arrived. I’m pretty satisfied with the printing quality by Vistaprint and what’s even better is that the stack of 250 pieces of premium business name card I bought comes free with a stainless steel namecard holder for just SGD$12.00! It’s a good deal, isn’t it? Previously, I was a little skeptical about designing my business cards there because I read some poor reviews about it. But well, I guess the cards turns out quite alright for me! Lucky me, maybe?

On VistaPrint website, there’s quite a variety of card template to choose from and I was racking my brains to decide between this cherry blossom design or a few other sweet floral theme layout. Next, I get to choose the fonts I want and decide where I want to place my details on the card. It’s quite a fuss-free process overall and I’m glad I’ve gotten it all printed out before someone asks me for a namecard and I have sheepishly say, “Oops. I do not have one. Sorry!”

I guess I no longer have to face that awkward situation with that “Oh-man-I-should-have-get-it” feeling.

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