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Nassim Hill Bakery.Bistro.Bar : Lunch with Besties

It’s pouring outside as I was writing,
Thank God for the lovely weather this afternoon.
It’s been quite some time
Ever since I enjoyed the warmth of the sun
A little dose of sun makes the skin glows.
I continued to bask happily under the sun 
Til I reached the bakery which my friend has been raving about
“The beer bread is delicious!”
The foodie took her words and has been thinking about it all day.
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner
This is one gem in the heart of Tanglin area,
Right next to Swiss Butchery at Tanglin Post Office.
Which you won’t want to miss it.
It’s a perfect Saturday lunch with the besties.
Cappuccino, $6
They offered us Grimbergen beer
That Belgian Abbey Beers which was first brewed in 1128
But guess I will have to skip that Belgian beer
And go for a simple frothy cappuccino.
Artisan bread that comes with French butter and home-made jams
From sweet to savoury,
From sugar coated to beer-infused,
It beckoned me to ask if there were any more toast.
Soft,lightly- toasted and moist,
It tasted so good that it could just be eaten it on its own.
Hearty Scrambled Eggs with Prosciutto, $19
I prefer eggs that were “poached”
With yolk taken away from the whites.
There’s nothing wrong from enroaching something that you really want.
Eggs that “scrambled”
Ain’t my type.
Because I don’t think you should run away in fear.
Wholemeal Belgian Waffle with Sausage, $16.00

I love waffles.
Belgian waffles?
Even better.
Wholemeal Belgian waffles?
I’m definitely falling for it. 
The icing sugar looked like tiny snowflakes.
The sleigh bells are ringin’!
Christmas is coming!
Waffle. Butter. Maple.
That’s how you should eat a waffle.
If you skip the butter or maple,
You’re missing out alot. I swear.
These days,
Before I popped into any eating zones,
I would pop the question, ” Could I take photos here?”
Because it just ain’t nice to have someone extending their arms,
in attempt to cover your camera lens. 
And I dislike those instances where they would say,”no photos,please.”
But look, I’m writing about your lovely food!
It’s sad.
But that’s alright.
I will just feature the food
Which was whipped freshly out of the Kitchen.
Honour should be given to those chefs working hard behind the scenes.
No more addresses. Or telephone numbers.
You’ll figure it out elsewhere on Google.

Photos are unedited.

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