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Pasta Day-Out at Lenas

I was with a friend who adore pasta and of course, where else could be get our myriad of different pastas? It has got to be an Italian Restaurant. The Italians loves their pastas and pizzas. That late evening, we had a pasta-day out at Lenas, in Jurong Point. 

It’s my first time dining here at Lenas and all I could say is that the food prepared here is quite standard for a franchise restaurant located in a heartland shopping mall. Like what my friend described, the pasta was cooked to al-dente and the cabonara cream sauce is well-balance; not overly creamy and not overly diluted with milk.

I ordered breaded fish with pasta because I always felt that pasta with cream sauce is somewhat rather “moist and wet” and therefore should pair up with something that has a drier or crunchy texture. The bread crumbs-coated pacific dory fish in my plate tasted quite fresh with meat that looked white, delicate and has a slight seafood sweetness in it.

I was so full after eating this dish full of carbs! Unless you had very well-cooked pastas, your body will probably take some time to digest all that starchy pastas! Well, now I really wish some cafes or restaurants would serve wholemeal pastas which at least has some good carbs in it. 

A drink and a pasta comes up to about $24. That’s one-fifth of a $100 bill. Maybe a little straining on the wallet especially when you realise you could head for better pastas else where for a fraction less than this. It must be the government tax!

After slurping our latte and matcha, we sat down to watch the world go by with our freshly-blended apple juice and durian cakes at Durian Mpire. After the fruity affair, all I wanted to do was to head back home and continue reading “Eat,Pray,Love” before I start with the autobiography book on Steve Jobs.

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