The Savoury @ The Fabulous Baker Boy

During my first visit to The Fabulous Baker Boy at The Foothills, I was blown away with their extra moist and chocolatey Red Velvet cake. It was extremely good that I started to build up cravings for another slice of cake this week. So that explains why I decided to pull some friends along to dine at this cafe again on a warm and hot late weekday afternoon.
Tuna Melts, $10
Previously, I only had pancakes and red velvet so this time I knew I had to try their savouries! Just as what I’ve expected, the savoury dishes were pretty delicious. Nice crunch toast served with a thick layer of tuna and some cheese toppings. It definitely fit for an appetizer before the main course comes.
It practically melts in your mouth.
But not in your hand.
Cottage Pie with Mesclun Salad, $11
This is another yummy dish in their menu. The pie has a mashed potato top layer with melted cheese and right beneath the mashed potato, you will find nice chunks of minced meat. It’s simple, unpretentious and it is pretty filling for the stomach!
Red Velvet Cake, $7.50

This Red Velvet cake is one slice of happiness and joy that I craved for ever since I first tasted it. But I was pretty saddened the moment I realised that this slice of cake isn’t quite like the extra moist and fluffy cake which I’ve first tasted. Maybe it’s been sitting all day in the frigde that it becomes too dry. Maybe it has less cocoa powder added. Maybe it’s not baked by the Fabulous Baker Boy. Where’s the baker?

Carrot Cake, $7.50

But maybe life isn’t treating me that badly when I get to taste this unique carrot cake that has coconut flakes nestling on the cream toppings. The cake layer was quite moist and I could taste the chunky bits of carrot, walnut and other goodness in it. This carrot cake could reach to perfection if only the cream layer was not too sweet!

The Foothills
70 Rivervalley Road
Singapore 179037
(Opposite Liang Court)
Email :
Tel : +65 66948336
Fax : +65 66948335

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