Working My Way Towards a Beautiful Smile

Have you brushed your teeth before you head to bed? Yes, it’s part of our routine to brush our teeth but how many people actually knew how to brush their teeth the right way? How many actually uses other dental care products such as mouthwash, interdental brushes and dental floss to maintain good personal oral care? Do you visit the dentist regularly, as in every six months? Let’s come clean. It’s time to keep up with some good oral hygiene practices and work our way towards a beautiful smile. 
Gum care is a foundation of oral health therefore you shouldn’t neglect your gums as well. Poor gum care can lead to gum disease.Gum disease is actually an infection of the gums, supporting tissues and bones which hold the teeth in place. It is caused by the accumulation of bacteria and dental plaque around the gums overtime. Left untreated, it damages the gum tissues and the condition is irreversible.
Some symptoms of gum disease includes bleeding gums even with gentle brushing, bad breath and swollen red gums. It’s time to show your gums some love by using products that offers complete gum care protection. That means healthier gums, healthier teeth and a healthier you.
Here are some steps to good gum care:


Do you know that Systema is Japan’s No. 1 Toothbrush Brand? Systema toothbrushes have patented super-tapered soft and slim bristles which cleans effectively yet 3 times gentler on gums. More importantly, it helps to cleans well in hard to reach surfaces of the teeth. The soft brush head is also great for massaging the gums which helps increase blood circulation in the gum area. The gentle massage of the gums helped to keep my gums healthy and pink!

After wearing braces, I developed this habit of brushing my teeth after every meal because food remnants get stucked very easily in my braces. I find this practise inconvenient at first because that means I have to carry a toothbrush where ever I go and start brushing my teeth after meals or food-tasting events at restaurants? Well, I make it a point to brush as often as I could but I’m out dining, I would simply rinse my mouth.

Systema gum care toothpaste is clinically proven to provide four times better gum protection and it consists of three main ingredients: IPMP , GK2 and fluoride. IPMP is an anti-bacterial agent which can help to kill bacteria in the mouth and provide long-lasting protection. GK2 helps to relieve red and swollen gums. Lastly, fluoride helps to strengthen our teeth and to fight against cavities.

The toothpaste is available in 3 variants: Breezy mint, Sakura mint and Icy cool mint.

Mouth Rinse

Also, systema has just release gum care mouthwash which was alcohol free with triple impact protection! Without the alcohol, the mouthwash is now less drying.

There’s the Blue Caribbean, Green forest and Sakura mint variants, which would you choose?

Interdental Brushes

Have you heard of interdental brushes? I haven’t heard about or even seen one til I started putting on braces at the beginning of this year. Basically, it is a small brush that provides effective cleaning in between teeth, braces and bridges. It’s perfect for braces wearers who probably needs the interdental brushes to cleanse thoroughly in between the teeth and hard to reach areas. The interdental brush could be used along with interdental gel and it removes 95% of plaque between the teeth and gums when used in toothbrushing.

Systema, the Gum Care Expert, developed by Lion – Japan’s No.1 oral care company, offers a complete gum care products for healthy gums and healthy teeth.

Visit this website, Lioncorp  for more information

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