Baking Class: Dancing and Twirling in the Kitchen

Baking Class: Dancing and Twirling in the Kitchen
Focaccia Bread stuffed with spinach, shredded cheese, rosemary and olives.
Baking involves a lot of hard work. Mixing, kneading dough and beating eggs could burnt off quite a bit of calories too. So to those who claims that baking is easy, I am pretty sure they are lying.
So here am I at Phoon Huat (Clementi), attending a baking class in the middle of the day with my roomie, figuring out how to bake a low-fat pineapple chocolate cake and focaccia bread which actually ties out more like a spinach-stuffed pie. 
If I’m not wrong, there were about ten of us, all women who aspires to be a better woman in the household, being that dependable and good housewife, wives or girlfriends who could cook sumptuous meals for the family, or that aspiring baker-to-be who just want to learn another survival skill just in case all things fail in her later life. I belong to that second category.
Excess dough is kneaded into funny shaped-breads like the above.

I signed up for this baking class thinking that I could learn a little useful technique or two about baking cakes and bread and also, a little motivation for me to start using the newly-bought oven in the kitchen which has been lying there for almost two weeks untouched. Maybe this baking class would inject some false confidence in me that I could actually start baking a chocolate cake and an Italian bread without having to learn the basics about baking! Pushing aside those naive thoughts, I’d better not overestimating myself with wishful thinking. Without my baking partner and help from the baking instructor, I wouldn’t think I could whip up something like the one below.

Chocolate cake with yogurt frosting and diced pineapple chunks topped with chocolate flakes.
It was suppose to be a sponge cake but it turns out like brownie. I could have dump in excess chocolate powder into the batter while panicking about what to do next and muttering under my breath,” Why didn’t the instructor demonstrate how to bake this? Wasn’t he suppose to teach?”.I didn’t know whether to rejoice or wallow in self-pity and disappointment til my Dad actually gave a thumbs-up and requested for me to bake another cake. Maybe I just have to believe in myself. No, I mean in the cake.
Robots attack!!!:” I’m going to churn you up”

All of us were paired up to work on our cakes and bread. Since all of us get to bring back a cake and bread each, we double up out ingredients and prepare two of each. We started off with cake first because it takes a short time to bake as compared to the bread.
It’s no easy feat to be holding a camera with one hand while trying to keep up with the baking pace. I manage to get a quick shot of this flour mixture with cocoa powder for the cake before I get my hands really oily and buttery. Everyone seem to be in this frantic rush, washing utensils, grabbing baking tools off the shelf and looking over at what others are doing to check whether they are behind time. We were practically skipping, hoping, dancing and twirling in this make-believe kitchen located underneath a block of HDB flat in the neighbourhoods.
This is a table overflowing with ingredients. We simply get all our ingredients by ourselves from this table. The ingredients are provided by a man who paints himself red. I wonder why…

Butler Selection: A blend of butter and vegetable fat

When our instructor said, ” We are not using butter but butler,” I really thought I heard wrongly. Butler? Isn’t that a word for a household domestic assistant? Well, I did my research I found out that “butler” is actually the name of a product, Butler Selection, which was produced by Flechard Diary, produced in France.

Waiting…waiting for the verdict to be out.
I’m not kidding. That’s a lot of greens to scare any kid away. We are making the fillings to be stuff in the focaccia bread. Almost like a stuffed pie, actually.

My baking journey begins today. 

More baking recipes to come, including the cake and bread I baked in class!

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