Cooling Rhino: De-ionzed Water to Dissipate the Heat

Cooling Rhino: De-ionzed Water to Dissipate the Heat

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you may realize that I’ve been doing quite a bit of feasting lately. All those fried food and desserts have generated alot of “heatiness” in my body. The notion of heatiness here (as opposed to cooling) is related to the balancing of yin and yang in Traditional Chinese medicine. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, there should always be a balance between this conflicting force.So if your body is too “heaty”(yang), you should overcome the heatiness with food or beverages that “cools”(yin) the body.

Thankfully, I was given this bottle of Cool Rhino, a de-ionized beverage that helps to relieve the “heatiness” in my body. It contains of natural minerals like Gypsum Fibrosum and calcitrum, which have “cooling” properties to neutralize the “heat” in your body. I was really in need of such cooling water because I felt that I was about to get sick and my throat was starting to get really sore.

Cool Rhino is, in fact, a new age version of Wen Ken’s Three Legs Cooling Water, which was popular in South East Asia for over 70 years! This bottle has a much stylish packaging as compared to the older version of Cooling water. I’m now reusing it as my on-the-go water bottle! Talking about practising 3R’s!

I drank this right after one of those food tasting sessions and finished up the rest of the drink after an evening run. There’s no taste to the cooling water so it felt just like you’re drinking another cup of water to satisfy the thirst. I would recommend that you freeze the cooling water into ice cubes and toss them into your favourite fruit or vegetable juice like cucumber juice. So you would stay as cool as a cucumber!

Cool Rhino wouldn’t instantaneously turns you into a Rhino but it does dispel all that heat in your body and make you feel as cool as a Rhino,feeling ready to take charge of the world ( or Safari).

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Hopefully, life’s a little more balance now.

Available at Cold storage, 7-11, Sheng Siong, SPC / Caltex petrol kiosk, Giant.

Many thanks to Wen Ken Group. Merci

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