Havaianas New 2013 Collection: Flip-Flop Lovers’ Paradise

Havaianas New 2013 Collection: Flip-Flop Lovers’ Paradise
Here, at flip-flop nation, everyone owns at least a pair of flip-flops and there’s a wide range of flip-flops available here, from the plain coloured ones to the fashionable ones studded with diamonds. You could either get a pair of flip-flops from Cotton-On for two dollars or you could get the high-end flip-flops at Havaianas where my friends claim that their flip-flops are more durable and comfortable.

In my circle of friends, I was probably the only odd-one out who doesn’t own a pair of Havaianas slippers.  I really odd to get one especially with the upcoming 2013 collection which features even more  designs! From geek to chic, preppy to punk, there are just endless designs for me to choose from to much my style of dressing. This Brazilian company,which produce it’s first pair of Havaianas from all the way back in 1962, is back again to launch it’s exciting new collection for 2013!

Read on to find out more about Havaianas upcoming collection for 2013 displayed during their media launch party at L’etoile cafe.

Small quaint cafe along Owen road.

Slim and simple

Flip-flops in vibrant sunshine colours. I would definitely invest one of these simple yet classic designs. I’m eyeing on the lime green one! Examining it closely, you will notice that the foot-bed of all Havaianas have a textured rice pattern which is one of its unmistakable features. The texture rice pattern is designed in this way to remind us of the inspiration behind the Havaianas slippers – Zori, the typical Japanese sandals made from fabric straps and rice straw soles.

Love wearing bling-bling slippers? This is the most anticipated 2013 collection where you would find diamond-studded or golden metal skulls encrusted flip flops.

Slim Paradiso ( For Woman)
Coming out in February 2013

These flip-flops are adorned with beautiful tropical floral prints which were inspired from Thai flowers and embroidery. Perfect for a beach vacation in the upcoming spring/summer in 2013!
Slim Graphic ( For women)
Coming out in December 2012!
These stylish geometric prints were inspired by the brilliant patterns of Thai geometric weaving. The rich psychedelic prints and subdued tones matches perfectly with tribal-inspired outfits.
Flip-flops for both men and women
Freedom Collection
Launching in April 2013!
The one in coral pink is a stunner.
The Pac Man collection (On the Left)
Launching in January 2013!
The Arts Collection (On the Right)
 Launching in May 2013!
Here we have the Pac Man and the Arts collection for both men and women. Inspired by the classic 1980s arcade game, the Havaianas Pac Man injects playfulness and brings out the element of fun in you! I would definitely get these pairs of Havaianas for the intelligent geekish guys in my circle of friends.  In the Arts collection. the prints are characterized by disorderly elements such as spaceships, monsters,animals and objects in a fun,chaotic and interesting manner. Great gifts for the artsy-fartsy people!
More flip-flops for the kids
( Baby Disney Classics, Baby Mickey Minnie and Kids’ Heroes)
Launching in January/February 2013!

Give the kiddies a chance to take a walk with their favourite cartoon character or hero to wherever they are heading to. Fun superheroes graphics enlivened on the sole of these flip-flops are sure to brighten up any child’s day.
More pictures at the Media Launch Party @ L’etoile Cafe.
Fairy Cupcakes
What a feast!
For more information, visit Havaianas Singapore website.

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