Herbal Loquat Syrup: Soothing for the Throat

For me, sore throat is an onset of an impending fever, bad cough and runny nose. Worst still, if the throat irritations continue to persists, I would suffer from another episode of tonsillitis where my throat became infected and my already-enlarged tonsils would swell with redness. Even a slight gust of wind that passes through my mouth could cause a slight pain in my throat area. That’s how terrible it is. 
So whenever I felt a slight soreness in my throat, I would try all ways to remedy my throat. My mum would always stuff me with slices of starfruit coated with salt. According to her, that’s the best remedy to cure a sore throat. But well, that doesn’t work for me no matter how many slices of salted starfruit I ate. Some people recommended drinking honey but honey is too mild for me and it only soothes my throat temporarily. So what about lozenges? Some may ask. Medically-speaking, lozenges doesn’t cure sore throat. It merely reliefs the pain experienced in the throat temporarily and you can’t pop too many lozenges into your mouth in one day.
What about lemon and honey? Does it work for you?
Over years, I’ve discovered that what really works best for me is sipping canomile tea and drinking 枇杷膏 (pípágāo or pe pa gao).  It’s a Chinese herbal loquat syrup which remedies sore throat, hoarse throat, infected throat and basically any kind of ‘throaty’ situations where you don’t sound like the usual self. For instance, you sound nasal when you catch a flu or cough. The loquat syrup is a rather thick dark syrup consisting of loquat (a small yellow fruit) and Chinese herbs. I would drink about a tablespoonful of this syrup when I know my throat is starting to get a little sore. And the syrup coats nicely on my throat, producing this soothing effect which lasted for a few hours before I felt irritation in my throat again.
So recently, I was having some throat irritations after consuming Subway cookies,shaker fries, nuggets… you get the picture. Thankfully, almost heaven-sent, I received a bottle of loquat syrup produced by Three Legs Brand. I didn’t know that there were other brands of Pe Pa Gao around! Almost immediately, after receiving the product, I went home and the very first thing I did was to rip open the packaging, hoping to retrieve a bottle of hope. A hope to prevent my irritated throat from getting bad to worse.
Read on to find out how you could try a sample of Three Legs Brand’s Pe Pa Gao.
Concocted with Chuan Bei and 14 other synergistic herbal extracts 

I was pretty taken aback by the miniature size of the bottle. I was expecting to draw out glass bottle from the box like the usual Pe Pa Gaos sold in Singapore, but the bottle turns out to be made out of plastic. Well-designed, I thought. This PET bottle, is unbreakable and light which make it easy to carry around. The size of the bottle is also perfect for packing in my travel bag just in case I needed some medicine for sore throat relief. And since the flip-flop cap is non-spill, it makes it even more convenient for me to bring it along with me even when I’m travelling.

Non-spill, flip-flop and pull-ring cap.
This design of the bottle has won Good Design Award in Malaysia!

I must say that this Pe Pa Gao tasted a little less bitter as compared to other brands of the loquat syrup. It tasted somewhat like those cough syrup you obtained from the clinics but it is definitely more flavourful due to the added ingredients honey and pear. This loquat syrup helps to relieve cough, throat irritations, loss of voice and reduce phlegm. It also helps to nourish the lungs. 
I totally need to stock up more bottles of this syrup because I will be doing alot of talking starting from next year Feburary! 

Three Legs brand is a heritage brand. It won Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2007

Available at FairPrice, Unity, Shop and Save, Chinese medical halls, Minimart
Suffering from some throat irritations or cough lately?

You could now redeem a sample to try Three Legs Brand’s Pe Pa Gao by sending your name and address to Email subject: Please send me PPK 30ml sample. 

*Only one bottle per household.
Limited for the first 20 readers.
For local addresses only.

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