Food Western

High Society @ Pacific Plaza : The Foodies Congregates

That night.
64 foodies had congregated at High Society.
All present to celebrate our love for food!
It did striked me on how I have morphed from travel-beauty-music blogger to an amateur food blogger.
When did it all started?
God knows.
What’s on our menu?
1 appetizer.
1 main course.
6 tasting dishes to be shared.
1 platter of desserts to be shared.
Minestrone Soup
6 tablespoonful of soup.
La petite soupe pour la petite fille.
C’est tout.

( Pardon my french. I was so inspired to type in French again after reading Olivier Magny’s Stuff Parisians like.)
Norwegian Haddock in tempura batter and fries with air flown garden leaves
C’est comme le poisson-frites
Cajun baby chicken with chestnuts, brussel sprouts and bacon
Possuin is a term for young chicken. That’s baby chicken cooked with baby brussel sprouts. This is probably the cutest dish ever!
Braised Lamb Shanks with red wine and tomato
Hmm… C’est parfait. Absolutement. 
(It was definitely challenging to take photos under such dim lightings in the restaurant. Thanks to those gadgets, we could finally get a good shot of this braised lamb.)
Schweinshaxe (German Pork Knuckle)
Twice cooked German Pork Knuckle with SauerKraut, Mashed potato and brown sauce.
I like the mashed potatoes and the Sauerkraut more than the knuckle though. 
I kinda miss the sauerkraut made by my aunt’s friend in Vienna though.
Crab Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce tossed in a cesar dressing with Herbs crouton, Cherry tomato, Crab Meat, Pine nuts and Parmesan
Was Caesar salad named after the Roman Emperor, Julia Caesar?

That’s a myth. This salad was named after Caesar Cardini, an Italian-borned chef, who concocted this salad with the remaining ingredients he could used to serve his unexpected rush of customers.
Bet y’all didn’t know that.
Seafood Spaghetti Laksa

with Pan seared Canadian Scallops, Tiger prawns perfumed with light spicy Laksa sauce
This should be made a special Singaporean dish to be marketed nation wide. Such fine Singaporean inspired dishes should be included in our fine dining menus.
Duck Confit 

Slow- Cooked duck leg served with Mix Mesclun, Carrot Puree and seasonal vegetables
Oxtail stew

Oxtail stewed in red wine sauce with mashed potatoes, served with Focaccia bread.
I love anything with bread. So this dish appeals to me the most. 
Assorted High Society’s signature Pastisserie

That gâteau au chocolat is everyone’s favourite. Soft and cold inside. Purely for chocolate lovers.
Fairylicious cupcakes
What’s so special about these cupcakes is the lemon curd fillings inside! C’est un plaisir!
Special thanks to Gninethree and organizers of this event!

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