Home-made Soya Ice-cream : How to Make Ice-Cream Without Ice-Cream Maker

The weather has been heating up these days. And there’s no better place then to sit the living room, anticipating for a breeze but somehow got a tingling zephyr and listening to my neighbour singing at the top of his lungs while I’m typing on this wired Apple. All I wish now is for some ice-cream, sorbet or soft-serve to take off some heat here. But every time my mind conjured this image of creamy ice-cream scoop sitting on a cone, I had to drop the idea when I start to think of the fat and sugar content in the ice-cream. Oh God, you really sure know how to tempt us. 
I was tempted to make a beeline to the nearest mart and get some ice-cream but somehow my limbs and  my brain couldn’t agree. Maybe I’m lazy or exhausted but whatever it is, I needed something cold. Why can’t I make my own ice-cream then? Sadly, I don’t own an ice-cream maker. But David Lebovitz’s ice-cream recipes are screaming that I don’t need an ice-cream maker to make ice-creams! That’s it, David Lebovitz, ‘merci’ to you for reminding us if you can make an ice-cream without machines, so can we!
Home-made Soya Ice-Cream 
( An ice-cream made with OsteoSoy which is infused with collagen and calcium.)

( Servings: 2)
2 Sachets of OsteoSoy (Organic Soya Milk Powder)
300ml of Cold Fresh Milk
1. Dissolve the soya milk powder in the cold fresh milk.
( Stir thoroughly and make sure there are no soya milk lumps. No sugar is added since there is sucrose added into the soya milk powder. Full cream milk is recommended here due to its high fat content which will give the ice-cream a creamier texture. )
2. Pour mixture into a large metal bowl and wrap the top of the bowl with a plastic wrap.
3. Chill the mixture in the freezer for about an hour.
4. Then, take the bowl out of the freezer and whisk the mixture.
( This is to prevent the crystallisation process from taking place. Stirring and whisking helps to break down the crystal structure of the water so that the whole mixture will not turn into ice.)
5. Freeze the mixture for another 45 mins. Then repeat the process of refreezing and whisking for the next 4 hours til an ice-cream consistency is achieved.
( Take out the mixture from the freezer and whisk it every 45 mins to attain an icecream-liked texture.)

Have you tried OsteoSoy before? Soya milk is one of my favourite beverages!
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OsteoSoy is a nutritious low-fat soya milk powder which is fortified with calcium and Marine collagen. It is made from 100% organic soya bean that are not genetically-modified. It is also 100% natural with no preservatives or colouring.This produce is halal certified and it is produced in Singapore.To enjoy OsteoSoy, simply dissolve a sachet of OsteoSoy in warm water. After dissolving, ice may be added. Boiling water should not be used because the high temperatures could destroy the properties of the collagen.
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