How to Make Fresh Natural Yoghurt for Breakfast

How to Make Fresh Natural Yoghurt for Breakfast
Good morning readers! Wondering what to have for breakfast today? How about some fresh home-made yoghurt? Yoghurt has several health benefits such as aiding our digestive system but healthy and organic food often cost a little more on average.The ones available in our local supermarkets can be pretty costly. A tub of natural or Greek yoghurt cost up to $7! To save the cost, you could make fresh yoghurt right at home even without the yoghurt making machine or any complicated equipment like a thermometer. In addition, Singapore’s warm climate is perfect for the bacterial culture to grow and carry out lactose fermentation in milk. All you need is milk, some yoghurt as the starter culture and a glass jar to contain the yoghurt! Once it’s done, you can enjoy freshly-made yoghurt with fruits, honey or granola for breakfast! 
Natural yoghurt has a sourish taste due to the lactic acid form during the fermentation and many didn’t like the natural taste of it. So they would often prefer to go for sweetened flavoured yoghurt but the flavoured ones commercially available in the supermarkets often contained sugar, fat and preservatives. The healthier option is to go for natural yoghurt with no sugar or frozen fruits added. To add more flavour to the plain yoghurt, you could try adding honey and some fresh fruits like banana, strawberries or blueberries. 
Left-over plain yoghurt can also be used as a facial mask or hand mask to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. I tried it and it instantly brightens up the skin!
How to make Natural Yoghurt

What you’ll need:
250 ml Fresh Milk (Half a carton)
1 teaspoon Plain Yoghurt ( Starter culture: Lactobacillus Acidophilus)
1 sachet of OsteoMilk ( Low-fat dry milk powder)
1 thermoflask
1. Heat the milk gently til it almost begins to boil. Turn off the fire once the milk starts to boil.
2. Wait for the milk to cool to about 38- 40 degrees celsius. ( til its warm)
3. Add a sachet of OsteoMilk into the warm milk and stir well. ( Do not add OsteoMilk when the milk is still very hot. Wait for the temperatures to cool first before adding.)
( The addition of low-fat dry milk powder helps to give the yoghurt a creamier texture. Also, OsteoMilk contains milk calcium and marine collagen. So what you will obtain ultimately is a glass of freshly made plain yoghurt with added calcium and collagen! )
4. Pour the warm milk into a clean thermoflask.
5. Add a tablespoonful of yoghurt into the milk and stir well to distribute the bacteria in the yoghurt evenly.
6. Then place the thermoflask into the oven to keep warm.
At this step, it is important to try to maintain the temperature of the milk in between 35 to 38 degree Celsius for bacterial to grow well and efficiently and there are several ways to keep the milk warm such as storing it in a glass jar wrapped with a towel.But I find that storing it in thermoflask produces better results.

7. Store the jar in the oven for about 12-14 hours.

According to some online recipes on yoghurt making, some recommended 8 to 11 hours while other recommended 22 to 24 hours. It all depends on the type of yoghurt texture you want to achieve here so you might need to experiment and perform a few trials to find the suitable number of hours.

8. Enjoy a delicious and creamy yoghurt! It actually as a texture just like Greek Yoghurt! Serve with some fresh fruits, honey and granola!
The addition of OsteoMilk makes the yoghurt tasted less sourish and more creamy! Also, it adds milk calcium and marine collagen into your yoghurt. What a great way to kick start your day with all those nutrients! 
OsteoMilk is a low fat dry milk formula which is high in milk calcium and marine collagen. Simply add cold or warm to mix, stir and serve! 
( This produce is halal certified. It is a product of Singapore.)
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