Japanese Cold Soba Recipe – Daiso’s Instant Soba

Japanese Cold Soba Recipe – Daiso’s Instant Soba
Ramen Noodles ( yet to try it!), Soba noodles and Japanese seaweed seasoning.
Daiso has become one of my new favourite mini supermarts to shop for Japanese food and items. I’ve been dining alot lately and these days I just want to stay home to do some healthy and nutritious cooking in the kitchen. Japanese cold soba is one of those dishes I want to try preparing right at home, without having to spend ten over dollars to dine at a Japanese restaurant. It’s easy to prepare and best of all, it’s healthier as compared to Japanese Ramen. Soba noodles are made out of buckwheat noodles and it’s simply eaten with soba sauce and some crunchy seaweed. Read on to see how it is being prepared! What’s more? $2 for 2 servings of Soba? That’s a real deal.This makes a great inexpensive meal for two.
Menno Sunaoshi Tororo Soba with Soba Sauce 
According to the ingredients list, the soba noodles is made up of wheat flour, buckwheat flour and yam flour. This brand of soba noodles I bought from Daiso has conveniently included a sachet of soba sauce so that consumers don’t have to prepare their own sauce. If you prefer a hot soup-based soba, you could use the soba sauce as a soup stock. But I prefer to eat cold and dry soba because I enjoy biting in the cold and firm buckwheat noodles.
Japanese Cold Soba
Soba noodles ( from Daiso)
Soba sauce ( found inside the Soba packaging)
Chopped green onions
1. Bring cold tap water to boil.
2. Place in one bundle (serving) of soba noodle into the boiling water.
3. Boil the noodle for 3 to 4 mins til the noodles are nice and firm or to a suitable texture of your liking.
4. Bring the boil to stop and once its ready, drain the soba noodles with cold water.
5. To get cold soba noodles, you can soak the noodles in ice water or leave it in the fridge for about 1 to 2 hours. (Caution: Do not leave it too long in the fridge as the noodles lose its moisture and dries out.)
6.Served with soba dipping sauce and some wasabi ans chopped green onions. Garnish with dried nori seaweed or any Japanese seaweed toppings.

According to some Soba recipes online, Soba was used as an alternative to white flour-based pasta because the buckwheat noodles has a lower calorie content. That’s an incentive for me to use make Soba Alio Oglio!

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